Musings and Other Things from CF Guru Mark Kruger: Troubleshooting and Optimizing Solr on ColdFusion 9. Passing a query object to the CFINDEX tag is great for building an index from scratch setting my table’s “productName” as the document title. Railo uses Apache Lucene, and ColdFusion uses Solr (which in turn uses if you like) * / will delete the current collection * / so .

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This option was available in ColdFusion 9, but limited to four custom fields. Blog provided and hosted by CF Webtools.

Data & Services > Collections – ColdFusion Tuning Guide

In the section Configure Indexing languages, specify the following: Sign up using Facebook. For example, while indexing a PDF, you can store information such as author and date of publication as shown in the following example:. You can specify this tag’s attributes in an attributeCollection attribute whose value is a structure.

For the list action, the default is to list all collections, Solr. Custom The key attribute is an identifier that specifies the key. Consider the following code: ColdFusion automatically detects whether a collection is internal or external. Email Required, but never shown.

You have to perform search using full string.

In our special situation we need to get Solr more memory and more resources to work with. For instance, for any updates in the database, instead of a full import, you can perform delta import to update your collection. Everything was performing well when suddenly the search service stopped responding to requests and simply started throwing “collection not found” errors.



Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. It must be unique because this is the primary key in the collection.

Retrieves categories from the collection and indicates how many documents are in each one. If the collection is not present, the tag creates it.

Changed acceptable collection naming: There were 3 logs listed – a “request” log, a “stderr” log and a “stdout” log, each with a date as part of the name. Solr is a Java application under the hood. Solr is a big step up from the old Verity services, but in the words of Uncle Ben Peter Parker’s uncle – not the rice guy “With great power comes great responsibility”. For example, while indexing a PDF, you can store information such as author and date of publication as shown in the following example: You can also search text using wild cards.

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Data & Services > Collections

You can define multiple categories, separated by commas, for a single index. Since Solr cannot be done at a document level or communication level. The first one had a setting like this: Multiple fields can be boosted by specifying the values as a comma-separated list. Deletes all of the documents in a collection, and then performs an update.


Access on 64bit ColdFusion? Recommended to use when you use DIH. Name of a collection that is registered by ColdFusion; for example, ” personnel “. I was well on my way to editing the JVM. Specify the structure name in the attributeCollection attribute and use the tag’s attribute names as structure keys. If yes, automatically commit the changes to the search server.

Removed reference to external collections. It’s actually a config file for an “executable jar” file compiled by a product called “launchAnwhere” – which I gather is basically “installsheild” for Java. Save the file in the conf directory of the collection that you have created. As I was helping someone with this iss Support for additional languages ColdFusion supports search and indexing for 17 languages in addition to English.

Comma-separated values of collection names. The other line of interest was further down and looked like this: You might remember a similar. Absolute path to a collection. I know this is an old postso from the CF9 timeframe.

In Configure Solr server, click Show advanced settings. NAME The name of the collection.

You can specify columns in a delimited list, for example: Restarting Solr solved the issue, but why was Solr locking up?