U.S. Northern Command CONPLAN Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA). February 5, The following U.S. Northern Command concept. Conplan 11 is the right place for every ebook files. These extremists target animal research labs, livestock farms, fur suppliers and retailers, restaurants. Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) CDRUSNORTHCOM CONPLAN I also request that, if appropriate, fees be waived as I believe this request.

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During DSCA operations, medical and public health needs will be significant factors. One Geographic Area experiencing high fire danger. Saffir-Simpson Scale called hurricanes.

Situational awareness and a common operational picture are maintained throughout the transition phase. Assumptions 1 Resources Availability. Assumptions 1 An incident severe enough to trigger a DSCA response will occur with little to no warning and temporarily exceed local, state and tribal civil authorities response capabilities.

Confirmation of concurrence from Militaiy Department s. Supporting the response to natural and man-made disasters including catastrophic incidents hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, other disasters, pandemics, and terrorist attacks.

Exceptions requested as necessary. See Annex C, Appendix The Army Service Component will identify potential military fire fighting battalion MFB level units for possible employment. Information support capabilities are deployed and positioned as requested.

This scale, composed of 12 increasing levels of intensity that range from imperceptible shaking to catastrophic destruction, is designated by Roman numerals.


Continued coordination with NG, other Federal agencies, and State, local and Tribal governments to ensure fonplan of effort. Review the local Disaster Response Plans for major population centers within the region. Funding Requirements and Tracking. See Basic plan, Annex A and J a.


Planning should include, but conolan not limited to, the following capabilities; Modular Airborne Firefighting Systems MAFFSmedical, imaging, civil engineering activities, weather, and airlift capabilities. State resources are checked. Mi- ff Invoicing for earned reimbursements performance of work or services, payments to contractors, or delivery from inventory shall begin within 30 calendar days after the month in which performance occurred.

Phase IV begins when major operations transition back to execution by civil authorities. Phase III ends when Title 10 forces begin to complete mission assignments and no further requests for DOD assistance conplaan anticipated from civil authorities. Mission Assignments are in completion process. The four primary objectives of DSCA operations for major earthquakes are to save lives, minimize suffering, protect property, and maintain public confidence in the US Government and the DOD.

Designated mobilization sites will provide secure and non-secure storage for relief items, FEMA approved equipment, trailers and vehicles, as well as office space with basic communications for FEMA personnel. Reporting instructions are identified in Annex K. Two or more Conplna Areas experiencing incidents requiring Type I teams. The fundamental precepts to this process are; know the enemy, know ourselves critical infrastructure and vulnerabilitiesknow the environment, and know what the enemy knows about us.

Additional RFAs are anticipated in the following areas: In accordance with IAW reference g. Operational Limitations 1 Federal forces can only be placed under the command of Title 10 authorities. The JOA encompasses the entire maritime domain from the US baseline and encompassed by the waypoints. The depth of the investigation depends upon the classification of the accident.

They can both be found at: In DSCA operations, there is no adversary to influence. State level emergency response operations for natural disasters have evolved concerning the use of the NG in a law enforcement role from state to state.


U.S. Northern Command CONPLAN 3501-08 Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA)

Identify additional force capabilities for response and place on PTDO. In the event that fees cannot be waived, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. Four primary locations are: Has the Commander’s End state been achieved? National Interagency Mobilization Guide, March h. The following are the major actions during this phase: This does not permit large scale or elaborate training, and does not permit regular or direct involvement of military personnel in activities that are fundamentally civilian law enforcement operations, except as otherwise approved and authorized.

MOG – 2 C-l 30 aircraft.


Defense support during domestic civil disturbances. They assist in providing an effective and coordinated DOD response by maintaining SA through developing and refining the following tasks: Re-supply support for service unique items is the responsibility of the parent service.

The 79th belongs to the 40th infantry division, whose patch can be seen on the shoulder of the female soldier taking the census. Information support capability is coordinated for DSCA support requirements and positioning.

OPSEC is a command responsibility. Security forces will deploy with and secure any required ammunition.

Will DOD forces be safe while providing the support? Are civil authorities federal, state, local, tribal able to provide essential services without DOD assistance?