Full D1 4CH H DVR USB Mouse Control with GUI Display. For the actual display & operation, please refer to your DVR in hand. .. 4CH Model. □ DVR. □ HDD screws. □ IR Remote Controller. □ Manual for IR Remote. 0 matches found for “cpcam 4ch h dvr software”. “cpcam 4ch h dvr software ” (View all 93 Supplier(s)). Favorites Compare.

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However sometimes you have a DVR with an unknown brand and there’s no manual available and no technical support number available. H.2664 luck for the following!

CPcam CPD552C 4CH H.264 GUI 500GB DVR

Please answer thanks for your time. See the chart below: Several companies buy unbranded Chinese DVRs and put their own brand, so when you turn the equipment on you can see that the DVR’s menu is similar to the ones used by generic DVRs because they use the same chip.

You can then call or email to see if they have instructions. I have received a h.2664 for the product.

Make sure the clock has returned to the old date before attempting to use the password. Hurry, while is still available I will talk about some methods for h. The first recommendation for a h. I removed everything from the boxes and assembled them on my kitchen table to see how everything worked. Look for tags in the DVR that say something else about the model, or check to see if there is any information on the screen when it starts.

Turn on the power and wait for the DVR initialization 3. DVR physical reset with jumpers 6. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. I will update once I hear from Tech Support about this.

CPCAM USA :: Manual

The movement alert adds a whole new layer of security now that I actually know when someone is near my house while I’m away. DVR reset by removing the battery. I have had this issue before with a few different brands of Dvr. Mike works on product research and development for the company. If you have another experience that solved the problem, also leave your comment to share the knowledge with others, If you still have problems and can not reset the password of your DVR try contacting who sold the equipment or leave your comments here, sometimes someone has already experienced the same problem and can help solve.


If your DVR has the login screen like this below, it indicates that it uses this type of chip that accepts the connection via telnetno matter if the brand is, the internal chip is from the same manufacturer. The Bulwark is truly a remakable product and works as it is advertised. Perhaps your DVR is here Or maybe the hard drive is failing. You can connect directly from the DVR to your computer or use a router.

You should see a screen as shown in the image below, which shows the version of the operating system BusyBox V1. Saying things like ” I lost the password of my H. Excel DVR password generator.

See the picture below:. Remove the tweezers while the DVR is still on 4.

And don’t forget to share this information with friend. It seems obvious, but trying to use the DVR default password must be the first thing for a h. How to use the Dahua DVR password generator. Only 6 left in stock – order soon. This will allow you to use your existing analog cameras and upgrade to HD when you are ready. This type of password generator software works with DVR models that use an internal chip manufactured by Hisilicon.

I initially had some issues getting in touch with ZOSI, but they were responsive after I wrote a review about my problems. Posted May 23, Here are some ways to try to solve the lost password problem, if any of the methods worked for you please leave your comment below to help others.


I haven’t try to set up remote viewing yet since don’t have time for now. Hi i have a cp cam 4ch h dvr and it is connected to the internet and the guy who hooked it up said if i disconnect it from the internet it will mess up, i want to disconnect it because it is slowing down my net speed so i want to disconnect it when im using the computer and reconnect it when im not by simply unplugging it from the router and re plugging it in.

I also added a wireless mouse to the USB port to control it and have split the output on the unit to run multiple monitors so the images can be viewed from multiple locations in the building.

See All Buying Options. Delete the password file by using telnet. The one that the drive was good turned out to be an issue with the psu. The Seagate T1 Hard drive was very cool so over heating was not the issue. Follow the steps below to reset the DVR.

[ Software ]

Sandee from company got back to me immediately. For example, if you unplug the network cable from any of our DVRs, it does not impact the recording or anything else cpca is going on with the unit or settings programmed into it. See the picture below for details:.

Close the jumpers with tweezers 2. We also have a library of videos here. Although it seems like a simple question, the answer is not so simple. I discovered this when I experienced a few power failures over the last year 4cn a half during some bad storms.