Creative Labs DDTS Digital Decoder (51mfaa) Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information. View and download on DocDroid. Another point of view is that DDTS offers a very cheap surround sound for those Creative’s packaging clearly describes what kind of product is in the box. .. us changing anything manually) but no, DDTS passed without complaints .

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The thing that will be limiting for the quality is the source i. The best of all algorithms is lossless compression.

Dolby Digital follows the same trend but has much lower bitrate. I have whined about the remote, but honestly it looks like a fat little baby remote and it also feels very plastic in the hand. Please notice that this was mostly thought as a fun sidetrack. We tested ddtts-100 couple of different games. Come on Creative, the remotes for your sound cards has become great so why not spend some time dts-100 this which is going to lay on our tables in the living ddt-100 If creatvie are going to be picky again we would gladly have seen that they would have implemented this function directly in the main unit and that one would have control over it in the remote.

DDTS thankfully has, in similarity to other modern equipment, automatic detection of the different formats. DDTS is a decoder of digital audio. The buttons are OK though. Inspire TT exchange rates. I’ve been trying to source a creative ddts decorder for some time now and have still not managed to get my hands on one.


First of all the number of channels.

Creative DDTS-100 Decodor Multistandard cu intrari analogice/digitale

Next one was the ordinary CD player and also here everything flowed without any crearive. DDTS is basically an audio decoder. This is done using a matrix decoder that derives three surround channels from the two in the original recording.

Another very important thing to understand is that different compression algorithms gives different audio qualities. Download creative decoder ddts manual – 1 views creatige decoder ddts manual started by Cheryl Lawson on 03 Oct What nForce2 does when you connect it digitally to an amplifier is that it on-the-fly compresses all audio to Dolby Digital 5.

Ddts-1000 those who want to simplify the cabling at the cost of audio quality and performance the DDTS is an excellent addition to those with nForce2 and SoundStorm.

Creative or have the same characteristics as the hazards.

What many Playstation 2 games have in common is that they use ordinary PCM stereo for the audio in the game itself and Dolby Digital 5.

Last but not least it is the front I want to complain at. We begin with the top row and go from left to right. On the other hand Dolby Digital has clearly got better compression algorithms.

Operation is subject to the following two conditions:. Also this went along without any problems. DDTS is mainly for decoding digital audio streams but also analouge ones.

First we have the switch which chooses between 5. Especially not considering the typical quality of a computer speaker set compared to a high end home theatre speaker set. The fact is that most of the stuff is controlled by the remote. Finicky, I know, but I still have to say that they get a few minus points because of the remote.


Bitrate, which is measured in Kilobits or Megabits per second, is one of the factors that determine how good audio quality it is.

The result of the whole is that you compress the audio very hard thus you lose a whole lot of audio quality. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Unfortunateley we had no other camera available within reasonable time since this was an idea we got in the last second.

Dolby Digital EX creates six full-bandwidth output channels from 5. This will prevent lightning and power-line surge damage to.

Creative DDTS Decodor Multistandard cu intrari analogice/digitale – RDI-Board Community

If the plug still fails to. So despite what you think about the looks of it you can easily place it wherever you want. To clarify myself a bit I quote myself of the conclusion:.

Thus in total you can have up to eight different units connected simultaneously into the decoder. What soundcard are you using again?. Little plastic and chubby but not ugly.

If you cannot insert the plug. Take care to prevent accidental operation of speakers at. All cables used to connect the computer and peripherals.