EXPECTED ANNA UNIVERSITY PART-B QUESTIONS CS Complete Lecture Notes of CS Computer Organization and. CS Computer Organization and Architecture Lecture Notes – Ebook download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Notes. Class lecture notes for second Year,fourth semester Computer Organization & Architecture (Subject Code: CS) is available here in PDF.

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Effect of stack operations on the stack in Figure 2. Sarath A nonrestoring-division Chandran. Clear R0 R0 accumulates the dot product. Post Ur Queries to saravanaultimate gmail. A list of students’ marks. Noets, 0 and are used to represent special value. If you use an ad blocker, we’re not getting that revenue that helps keep RateMyProfessors. Hope you had a good semester. Of little help though if you have questions, expecting you to answer it yourself, no direction.

He’s a really nice guy noges, but unless you already have a pretty good understanding of Java, I would not recommend him. We’re all counting on you. It is not easy to score in his subjects.


What is the role of cache in pipelining? Give the differences between microprogrammed control and hardwired control.

If it does,the stack is empty. No ratings found — view all ratings for this professor.

No special instructions are needed. Help out your fellow students. You pretty much need to attend every lecture, even if you already know the course material. What is instruction hazard? This field is required. When does the structural hazard occur in a pipelined operation? He will NOT give you the answer. The first bit is 0. Ripple-carry and carry-save arrays for the Figure 6. He doesn’t upgrade himself. Explain the superscalar operations with a neat diagram.

CS2253 Computer Organization and Architecture

The lectures are long and sometimes he goes over the allotted time period. List the key aspects in gaining the performance in pipelined systems. Booth multiplier recoding table. Once deleted, we can’t bring it back. Why is wait for MFC ntoes needed, when reading from or writing to memory? P Also, you’ll hear everyone complain about him not teaching, but this course is really, really easy.

CS2253 Computer Organization and Architecture May/June 2013 Important Questions

Ripple-carry array Figure R. Lecture Notes of Computer Organization and Architecture for Using a loop to add n numbers. State down the differences between vertical organization and horizontal organization. All 6-bit fractions with b-4b-5b6 not equal to are truncated to 0.


Ads can be annoying, but they allow us to provide you this resource for free. Write a brief note on Nanoprogramming.


Sign extension of negative multiplicand. What can be its resolution? Do the work, go to class, noes he makes it easy for nots 2 people found this useful 1 person did not find this useful report this rating. After accessing the operand, the contents of this register are automatically incremented to point to the next item in a list. He is a fair marker. Explain the influence of pipelining on instruction set design. Assignments and Labs aren’t usually super hard but do take a while sometimes.