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The height of the locked projectile is determined; it is a measure of the performance of the black powder sample. The pure substance is extremely sensitive to shock and friction.

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Journal de I’ecole polytechnique Paris 58, Becker, R.: The development of explosive cladding is very much more advanced: Parallel connection of the detonators is used only in special cases extremely wet conditions with danger of shunting ; special blasting machines must be employed for this purpose. The high filler content of an explosive substance has a detrimental effect on the mechanical strength of this type of pro- pellant.

Fumes It must always be assumed that explosive fumes and propellant fumes are to some extent toxic. C 13 H 12 N 2 O energy of formation: Meyer t ICTProf.

The low pressure region of the filter compartment is arranged around the combustion chamber. A basin, made of steel concrete and bulkhead steel, has a buffering floor made of to foamed polystyrene.

He worked there from on the development of pourable am- monium nitrate explosives and on hollow charges. Zur einfachen Erkennung haben die jeweiligen Typen eine unterschiedliche Farbe.

The tube is then closed by a perforated plate. Explosives, which contain class A or class B explosives, or both, as components but in restricted quantities. For a considerable time the caseless ammunition consisted of a compressed NC propellant body into which the bullet was inserted.


However, a highbrisance ex- plosive such as Hexogen or another explosive must usually be added Text quoted from glossary. The cases are made by filtration from a pulp, pressing, molding and drying. Gas Pressure Gasdruck; pression de gaz The pressure generated in the chamber of a weapon; its value de- pends to a large extent on the nature of the weapon and of the powder selected. A cylindrical porcelain peg, 10 mm in diameter and 15 mm in height, with a roughened spherical end radius of curvature 10 mmis placed on top of the sample; the rod is tightly clamped and may be loaded with different weights with the aid of a loading arm.

For example liquid gas generators are described in which carbon-free compounds are used and which can also be reacted to form working gases without any slag, e. The equations developed above are still valid, but the meaning of the equation parameters are: Only officially approved test- ers should be employed.

Sprengmeister Kurzanleitung

They contain an impact-sensitive mixture of potassium chlorate and red phosphorus. It may be caused by low melting eutectics of isomers or primary products of the explosive material or by added ingredients.

Sprengortes Arbeitswerkzeuge Der Sprengmeister ist bei seiner Arbeit auf unterschiedliche Sprengstoffe angewiesen.

Hybrid generator housing 2. A similar method has received the name Airdox. It is still the only suitable explosive for many purposes. At pre- Text quoted from glossary.

Full text of “Explosives 5th Edition by Meyer, Kohler, and Homburg ()”

Ethanolamine Dinitrate Erythritol tetranitrate serves as an effective cardial medicine in a low percentage mixture with milk sugar. Shock Wave Theory Shock waves are also generated lehrbcuh non-explosive media by a sudden change in pressure.

The basic task of a gas generator is, when necessary, to supply sufficient non-toxic gas within approx. It is a poor gelatinizer of nitrocellulose. The gas mixtures are usually manufactured by grinding and blending the raw materials, which after a pre-compacting step are pressed into pellets or disks on rotary table presses, after which they are weighed out. LondonHugoniot, H:. For internal ballistics one ordinarily uses a truncated virial equation which breaks off after the third term and is in the form: Interested readers are referred to the many excellent publications on the subject, which are available in English see, for example, the books by M.


Cannot be initiated by any normal shock or electrical energy. In the United States, the following classification of toxic fume components has been s;rengmeister Das Lehrbuch Der Sprengmeister. In such rockets long, combustion times 10 minutes or more at a nearly constant thrust can be achieved. It is not employed in practice owing to its high vapor pressure.

Bulk Daw Cartridge Strength: Waxed and unwaxed qualities are mar- keted. This intense shock wave is suffi- cient to directly initiate the low density explosive next to the exploding wire. The switch can be located in a surface stand shelter outside a mine e.

Ammonium nitrate is the most important raw material in the manu- facture of industrial explosives. It depends on the chemical composition, the pressure, temperature and physical state of the propellant porosity; particle size distribution of the components; compression. Excess oxygen causes the formation of nitrogen oxides, deficiency carbon monoxide, both toxic.

It is readily miscible with nitroglycerine and gelatinizes soluble guncotton. One end of the tube is sealed by a thin cardboard disk, which is glued into position.