Hansen, Frank-Peter. Das älteste Systemprogramm des deutschen Idealismus. Rezeptionsgeschichte und Interpretation. Series:Quellen und Studien zur. Das älteste Systemprogramm des deutschen Idealismus ist der Titel eines kurzen Textes, dessen Verfasser nicht zweifelsfrei feststeht. Seit seiner Entdeckung. Das Älteste Systemprogramm des Deutschen Idealismus, Ein Handschriftlicher Fund [a Fragment of G.W.F. Hegel]. Franz Rosenzweig. (). Like.

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Hegels “Wissenschaft der Logik”.

Vorfragen zum Zurechnungsproblem, in Bubner hrsg. If beauty and art are able to unify reason and sensibility, goodness and truth, it must then be assumed that they can also bring together the social classes, that is the cultured-ruling one with the popular one.

The text itself could never have been written without the author having read these letters. What sets the app apart from other podcasting applications is its emphasis on discovery.

Human beings are placed between deutsdhen two extremes and beauty ceutschen their characteristic. The ideal pattern for this strategy is to be found in a world in which this beautiful, harmonic conciliation already existed ancient Greece and should now be restored.

Ars vitae und ars moriendi During this entire period, only an old photographic picture, possibly taken by Rosenzweig himself and subsequently inherited first by Ludwig Strauss and later by Martin Buber, was available to scholars.

The Oldest Systematic Program of German Idealism – Wikipedia

The main expression of this reconciliation was to be found in the field of aesthetic phenomena, that is in natural and artistic beauty and in the sublime. The document is now readily accessible in many critical editions and in different languages, and every little aspect of it has been thoroughly investigated4.


Siani 55 of the popular class: I refer to the text through a paragraphs numbering which can also be found ltestte this translation.

Am Beispiel der Allokation von Spenderorganen in der Transplantationsmedizin Ancient Greece was the world of immediate and spontaneous harmony between reason and sensibility, between men and gods and between the individual and the community. We can thus speak of an anthropological primacy of beauty. During those years, but also after they left the college and separated, they kept a close friendship, enriched by intellectual exchanges, political discussion and critique. Podcast smart and easy with the app that refuses to compromise.

The fragment of text concludes: Siani Art and politics at the origin of Systemprogram Idealism: Easy and intuitive to use.

Siani 51 Uncertainty also exists about the exact period when the text was written with dates ranging from to Looking for a high-quality podcasts app on Android? As for quotations, I use the English translation by Harris pp.

Try us out on any web browser — desktop, mobile, or tablet. The heart of these issues will now be directly dealt with.

So, all ideas, that is all rational concepts, find their unity only in the idea of beauty and, to be more exact, the two traditional general domains of philosophy, i.

Even in his Berlin Lectures on aesthetics Hegel retains a critical, formative and conscience-making function of art9. The final reconciliation will be peaceful and spontaneous, without violence or terror: No need here to remark on the strong difference between the young and the mature Hegel with regard to Christianity, which in all later works and lectures is qualified as the bearer of the principle of modernity, that is, of subjective and universal freedom.


Remember me on this computer. The questions that the French Revolution and the Kantian philosophy had raised but left open in many respects, are finally given an answer. However, the communist authorities refused to give any further details on its whereabouts until the end of the seventies when they finally gave access to it thanks to the attempts by, among others, Dieter Henrich, who stressed the revolutionary and democratic elements of the text to persuade the communist authorities.

Your subcriptions will sync with your account on this website too. This utopian exit strategy to the pressing problem of modern alienation and oppression is not only due to the passion and lack of experience of the young author or authors of the text, but it lies in the chosen approach to the solution. The very controversies about the authorship actually give rise to a web of questions and thoughts which makes the attribution question nearly irrelevant compared with the philosophical issues that the text may raise.

Das älteste Systemprogramm des deutschen Idealismus

This is the programmatic heart of the text. Take it with you. Given the philosophical aim of this paper, only a brief account of the historical vicissitudes and philological controversies concerning the mentioned text is presented as follows: Art and Politics at the Origin of German Idealism: