Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Text And Translation – Volume II. by www. Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs The Dasam Granth connotes “The Book of the Tenth Guru” of the Sikhs, Sri Guru Gobind Singh, a great reformer, litterateur, spiritual leader and unparalleled. Sri Dasam Granth Sahib- Text and Translation [J. Singh, D. Singh] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Tale of Kokila Mati Tale of Raja Roopeshwar Tale of Naadira Bano Tale of Guloo Tale of Kanj Grantj Tale of Maid Krishna Kala Any one even moderately acquainted with Hindi can tell from the internal rganth of style that Chandi Charitar and Bhagauti ki War are translations by different hands. It contains the Jaap Sahib, the Akal Ustat or praise of the Creator and the Bachittar Natakwhich gives an account of the Guru’s parentage, his divine mission and the battles in which he had been engaged.


Tale of Vijay Kumari Tale of Tanslation Thieves Tale of Rani Bhog Mati Tale of Isht Mati Tale of Gaan Kala Tale of Atpal Devi Tale of Deepkala Tale of Rani Padmani Tale of Sughna Translatioon Tale of Indebted Thief Tale of Sukmaar Mati Tale of Bastar Mati Tale of Dam Prabha Tale of Kala Kunwar Tale of Nal Damwanti Tale of Son-in-Law Thief Part of a series on Sikhism Sikh gurus.

Tale of Chanchala Tale of Jas Tilak Manjri Tale of Maan Kunwar Tale of Chanchal Devi Tale of daasm Female Water-Carrier Tale of Daropdhi Tale of Maha Kunwar Tale of Rani Jot Mati Hymns from the Dasam Granth. Tale of Rani Bharmar Mati