On Overcome, Nevue includes his arrangements of five hymns and praise songs as well as ten new Treasure Falls, Purchase on iTunes · Add Sheet Music. LOL: A customer just ordered sheet music for my composition “Treasure Falls” from my web site and here was the comment he added to his order. “I’m ordering. Treasure Falls official lyrics by David Nevue: David Nevue Treasure Falls song lyrics. David Nevue · Treasure Falls; lyrics. Treasure Falls David Nevue sheet.

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So truly, without Jesus we are “lost,” wandering aimlessly from one thing to another While I’ve never been partial to this particular song, I sure enjoy playing this arrangement. I am typing stream of conscious here a little bit Each day that we have is nusic gift from God.

Lewis’ book, “The Screwtape Letters. How do you have so much energy? I don’t know that you’ll like my answer as it’s going to sound a little cliche That sums it up. I thought that was the perfect image for it. But the longer I live, and the more of my life that I have lived, the more I look back and see how God used everything even what I perceived as bad to bring me to where I am now At that point, Treasufe decided to try recording the song.

I liked what I came up with so much, I just had to keep working on it. Butterflies are such carefree creatures. We all got out of the car and marveled at the starry, starry sky.

Open Sheett begins with the title track, which to me feels a little like the “Wild, Wild West. Distant Thunder is an improvisation left over from my Revelation recording sessions. As for Summer Rainit reminds me of my time living in Colorado, and those summer afternoon storms that would quickly appear, pour down rain and lightning, and then disappear all in the space of about an hour.


I was noodling around on the piano and my son walked in and said “I really like dagid An abandoned church in Locust Grove, OR. Five minutes later my daughter walked in and said the exact same thing. As for Butterfly Danceduring a visit to Yellowstone, I watched a butterfly dance its way around a dozen boiling, steaming mud pits.

It seemed appropriate to include. And if I fall down on one particular day more days than I likeI just start over again the next one, because God’s mercies are new every morning Finally, I was asked to play Morning Has Broken for shheet wedding and worked up this rendition. They add a sense of mystery, power and purpose.

I started writing Eclipse around This album really feels like a capstone. Dark Afternoon was composed in the late ‘s. Once that was finished, I was left with a dozen songs that didn’t fit into the Delicate Joy concept Out Under musjc Open Sky How Do I Do it All? Songs from that “stockpile” finally started to dsvid the light of day in when I announced A Delicate Joya cheerful album of light, bright music. I just happened to be recording when the “accident” happened. It’s got a little edge to it.

David Nevue Sheet Music Downloads from “David Nevue – Overcome” at

To me, it feels like walking in a very ancient, remote place. Haunting, dreamy and pensive. I first performed Scarborough Fair as an improvisation with two other pianists at a concert in Albuquerque, Dsvid.


Check out Ephesians 2: Forgotten Places takes me back a few years to when I took my family on a self-guided tour of abandoned churches and ghost towns in Eastern Oregon. The tune just struck me one day and I started exploring it on the piano. And being content in all things, in all situations, bad and good, is not an easy thing to do. View my complete profile. Twister is a real challenge to perform. A fitting finale for the album, I think. I’ve always liked the tune.

“Treasure Falls” Sheet Music

Dragonflies and Butterfly Dance are basically musical paintings. And the more I see God’s hand in my life, the more that encourages me to keep on going, even when I feel like I sometimes don’t have the physical or emotional strength to do so.

He has been so good to me Photo by David Nevue. In the end, I combined the two versions, arranging the piece so that it could be played with just two hands otherwise, how could I ever play it? An early recording of this song was released in on a short-run CD called Foreshadows.

You can’t fake your way through the song or play it half-heartedly. There’s something quite sobering about visiting places that have faded away into history.