Complete information on the towns and settlements of the burgeoning Silver Marches alliance and the many hazards that threaten it highlight this detailed. Come tour one of the most popular regions of the Forgotten Realms world! The just-released Silver Marches accessory by Ed Greenwood and. Silver Marches (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Champions of Ruin (Dungeon & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying.

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The result is an impression of calm and tranquility that belies the many dangers lurking just beyond the city’s walls.

Some hold the post for many years, others no more than a few days. The Hall of Vigilance: As more people have returned to the Rauvin Vale and Old Delzoun, both cities have grown. Sundabar’s temple to Tyr and Torm is a fortresslike building facing on the Circle, across from the Master’s Hall.

Slver Rauvin flows through the heart of the city, crossed by two bridges — the Knightbridge and the Dwarfbridge. Fendelben is a very successful merchant who has his eyes firmly fastened on the pursuit of wealth.

In the days of the dwarf kingdom of Delzoun, Sundabar was a mighty dwarf citadel. Fortress of the Yuan-Ti. Text and images are copyrighted by the original publisher.

The Master’s Hall The Master’s Hall is a crowded cluster of huge round stone towers, their battlements bristling si,ver heavy catapults and ballistae. Snow heaped high in the streets melts in the sun and seeps into the stones and the earth beneath.

In winter, Sundabarian houses are cold and damp. The Scouring of the Land. Should the High Harpers discover his loyalties and make an issue of them, Eaerlraun might break with the order altogether and take control of Moongleam Tower with him.

The same looks to hold true today, as the confederation attempts to deal with issues of mutual importance to its signatories. The Stone Shields police the city under the command of the Watchblade, which also oversees a shadowy network of spies known to citizens as the Watchful. The market is open from one hour after dawn to one hour before dusk, to ensure that the evenings and nights of the residents are not disturbed by the noise created by such a thronged mraches area.


The Barracks and Armory Not far from the Hall of the Elders stands the city armory, a small, square keep built from dressed limestone blocks.

The place is evidently one of the older buildings in Everlund, but parts of the keep have been recently reinforced and repaired. Vigilance is the watchword of Sundabarian life. Dwarf and human joined together to drive off the demons.

Spells in Silver Marches – D&D Tools

For the Elders of Everlund, joining the league Alustriel proposed was simply a formality marcyes they were already committed to standing with the High Mage of Silverymoon against all threats to the peace of the North.

Helm Dwarf-friend became the sixth Ruling Master of the city in DR, after his predecessor died fighting against orcs assailing the city’s defenses. The Council of Six Elders joined the city with the Lord’s Alliance several decades ago and signed the Silver Marches articles of confederation with eagerness, hopeful of greater security for its primary trading road.

Trees are few, windowbox herb-gardens being the only visible growing things. Armor, clay wares mostly pipes and tiles marchss, copper, furniture, gold, lumber, pelts, silver, tools, weapons. Orc hordes driven from their homes by the demons bypassed Citadel Sundbarr, since nothing worth destroying stood on the surface and the underground foundries were still guarded by the Everfire, impregnable to orc assault.

For decades she worried that the humans would simply swallow the elf parts of the town, but in recent months the unlooked-for return of some elves from Evermeet has strengthened the elf community and charged it with determination to thrive and grow once again.

This city of merchant traders and caravan teams is one narches the staunchest supporters of the league of the Silver Marches. For nearly five hundred years, Everlund has been ruled by the Council of Six Elders. Someone will have to catch Draga red-handed in order for the Elders to remove him from the council and appoint a new Keeper of the Bridges. A Vast Frontier Fraught with Endless Peril Haunted by malicious dragons, hordes of orcs, and other ferocious creatures, the relentless cold and unforgiving terrain of the Silver Marches promise undiscovered riches and unspeakable danger to those bold enough to venture there.


The just-released Silver Marches accessory by Ed Greenwood and Jason Carl is packed with new and expanded information for players and DMs alike, including adventure sites, spells, monsters, magic items, and prestige classes native to the region. The building silveg defended by a detail of guards from the Army of the Vale; four soldiers remain vigilant outside the building’s main entrance at all times, and during the periods when the hall is open at least six more soldiers patrol the interior corridors.

Moongleam Tower consists of four silber, cylindrical towers joined together, surrounded by a dry moat that can be quickly flooded by a cunning system of cisterns and pumps.

Silver Marches

Hard marchds the armory are six large wood-frame buildings surrounded by another low wall. Come tour one of the most popular regions of the Forgotten Realms world! Most don’t bother to go through the routine if they arrive at Everlund marchew sunset, preferring instead to avail themselves of the hospitality to be found in any of a number of inns and taverns that have established a thriving trade outside the city walls for just such occasions.

No armaments of any kind are permitted within. Ed Greenwood and Jason Carl Publisher: