The Twilight Tomb (Dungeon & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Adventure) [Greg A. Vaughan] on *FREE* shipping on. Product Blurb: Stand Against the Coming Night! Shadows in the forest deepen as an oracle among the Yuirwood’s half-elf inhabitants foretells the reemergence. The Twilight Tomb (D&D module).jpg. Rules required, Dungeons & Dragons, edition. Character levels, 3rd. Authors, Greg A. Vaughan. First published, September The Twilight Tomb is an adventure module for the edition of the Dungeons & Dragons.

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She uses the hole connecti. The various cylinders andjars herein once held embalm-ing fluids, preservatve che! If Thraka is alerted to a pending battlc, he drinks his potion ef. The desk is bulky weighing poundsbut if some-how transported out of the citadel, it is a fine elf heirlooro worth 1,SOQ gp.

Other erares contain spare bits of armor and equipment. ThiS glow cannot be dispcUed but can be suppressed for. To learn more about the adventure, please take a look at our two excerpts below. In-depth information on the Yuirwood, the relics of the ancient star elves, and the nilshai is provided in Unapproachable East. The vault of MOU. The elf high mages forged a forestwide network of stone circles and then worked a mighty spell through the standing stones that created a demiplane for the star elves.

Tbe po1tal could still access thc ri ng of ston s in the Yuirwood but nowhere else.

The New World, Part 9: Then the ligh rnages magieally compelled an undead servant of Mourel’s to execute the tra. The Twilight Tomb is an adventure module for the 3. Furnaccs under thc vatS re m: Not all encounters can be overcome in one go.


The Twilight Tomb — How?

This form is like that produced by a gaseous. It is cold and smells faintly of death but is otherwise empty. He was recently hired by a powerful wizard to transport a object of great importance — the Grail of Shargrailar — from a ship in Velprintalar through the Yuirwood to the village of Glarondar.

Nothing of value is left i. Duru1g the high mages’ battle against Mourel, howcver, all the elcmentals were destryed. The map for this tower appears on the inside front cover of. It is illcluded here so you. The Scouring of the Land. Characters can become entangled in this adventure through a wide variety of methods. Three star elf skeletons and one of Mou1’el’s apprentices’, now a fiameskull, wait here to attack auy living creatures that intrude.

Mourel’s secrets are bis. Hook in Rlven “You should not have c01;ne. The save DC is Constitution-based. It is a result of the powerful magic used in the duel between Mourel and’ tbe high mages. A malevolent nilshai sorcerer discovered the citadel and unsealed it, intending to use the stronghold as a base to marshal its evil forces. His only goal in life is to serve the 1lilshai and destroy the hatcd star elves that he sees as abominatio,ns.

Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. This hook works particularly well for parties that have one or more elf or half-elf members from the Aglarond area.


As the play r characters. Eaeh side lost dozens of combatants that R. Corrtipt and hungry for power, Mourel sought dominion over aU other star elves.

Worse, Mourel’s twisted experiments have been disturbed by the invaders’ presence, along with Mourel’s unquiet spirit and elements of his vanquished army. Mislead andnondeteclio” can fool a gho11i gl: Shattered Lands Dark Sun: S, much like the one ata rea YO. Others are said to-grant access to the hidden realm of Sildeyuir. This room hols a fioely carved oak desk importcd centuries ago from distant Eaerlann.

D&D 3.5e – Forgotten Realms – Adventure – The Twilight Tomb

Most ofthese zombies were destroycd in the tomn with t: His body and the remnants of his liktorcewere saled within the glass citadei’ that served as bis Within severa] are bundles of perfectly preserved! You ihscrhe a glyph that parlyzes ;i1y living tomn of Large or smilller sizc tbat cnters, P3: J1 the hopethat it might be one.

The wight waifS until the lights and music activate. Creature; The halforc warrior Thrnka occupies this room.

Multiple doorways open off this short hall, all but the last leading into a guest room. If you did and didn’t take it, you really have no one to blame but yourselves.

The remainoer of MQurcl’s primary fighting force occupies this room as guardians of hiS la ir.

Here the star elves stord tbe compiled knowledge of’ hundreds of generations.