Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. Plan de gestión integral de residuos hospitalarios y similares – PGIRH componente Decreto de Diciembre de Por el cual se reglamenta la gestión. Title: Residuos hospitalarios, Author: bacteriologia Lab clinico, Name: Residuos hospitalarios, Length: 92 pages, Page: 14, Published: Gestion integral de Residuos hospitalarios y similares en colombia Cover of “DECRETO “.

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Government tactics may include firewalls preventing access to networks in other countries, or manipulating search engine results to exclude politically sensitive topics. The appeal and nulity mechanisms for administrative acts have to be answered immediately or within 30 days maximum if there has to be an investigation process. Overall, levels of political violence during election times, as expressed by kidnappings and murders, have diminished. Asesinan a otro miembro Fecha: Especially for local elections many candidates are prevented from running as they receive threats from armed groups.

A YES score is earned if there were no journalists imprisoned related to work covering corruption during the study period. Appointments are usually based on professional qualifications. In practice, the government does not prevent citizens from accessing content published on-line. Liberados los 25 campesinos encarcelados arbitrariamente en Santander Fuente: On June 7,there were elections for local major in San Carlos-Antioquia, and 50 percent of citizens surveyed by the MOE reported that electoral posts lacked proper conditions for disabled people and the elder to vote.

The peace process with the paramilitaries which started in December has meant the demobilization of more than 31, paramilitaries. Although the restriction is normal given the rates of impunity in the country, it may take years to access information on certain judicial processes.

decreto 2676 de 2002 residuos hospitalarios pdf

Even though the Colombian government does not impose censorship, journalists have to resort to self censorship when they are threatened by armed groups, drug traffickers, or corrupt politicians. According to law administrative code all public hospitaalarios must explain to the petitioner and the Public Ministry when the decision on an information request is negative; however, sometimes these explanations are too vague.

These investigations can be initiated by the person who made the initial information request. According to the Constitution, every citizen has the right to access public documents except in cases established by law art.


A YES score is earned if there were no documented cases of CSO activists being killed because of their work covering corruption in the specific study period. By the time of this death he was helping to clarify some cases of extrajudicial killings in Sucre. Another prominent case involves the opening of judicial processes against journalists such as Alejandro Santos after he reported the links between the Justice of the Superior Council of the Judiciary Jose Alfredo Escobar Araujo and Italian drug trafficker Giorgio Sale.

Some additional delays may be experienced. Every year the National Electoral Council presents activity reports to Congress.

Three big economic groups are competing for the adjudication of the station given the high costs associated with the bidding process and the operation of the canal itself, and the discussion about the terms of tesiduos concession has been affected by the interests and power of these groups.

Reporteros sin Fronteras Fecha: This practice is especially worrying residuks the regional level where most advertising comes from the public sector and journalists have lost quotas of state advertising after doing critical reporting on public officials. On September 28, indigenous leader Raul Mendoza was killed in Cauca. During the study period no regular elections were held, there were only atypical elections, it is those aimed at replaced elected hospitalwrios which have been deposed or those who have died while being in office.

The illegal spying of DAS agents on journalists constitutes a worrying event that contributed to create at atmosphere of fear for the free reporting of journalists. In sum, the definition of costs for TV hospitlarios has not been guided by public interest but by a highly politicized and non transparent process. All other government documents should be available upon a public request. A Deccreto score is still earned even if the entity is legally separate but in resiiduos staffed by partisans.


In law, citizens have a right to form civil society organizations CSOs focused on anti-corruption or good governance. The government does not prevent Internet users hospjtalarios accessing online content.

This obligation extends to news reports, editorial comment, and all other content. Thus the reform, that initially was presented as a way to clean up politics and Congress after the scandals of drug trafficking and paramilitary influence in Congress, ended up affecting minority parties rather than actually punishing and creating restrictions to prevent illegal actors from entering politics.


According to the Constitution, freedom of expression art. This problem is even more acute in regions.

Following the ruling of a judge, Semana clarified the information twice. Asesinado otro dirigente sindical en Colombia Fuente: Some political parties or organizations may have extra barriers to getting on a ballot. In April journalist and writer Gustavo Alvarez Gardeazabal was victim of an assault to his house, after seeing a military patrol surrounding his house.

Licenses are required, and impose a financial burden on the organization. Juez ordena arresto de Daniel Coronell Fecha: A YES score is earned if there were no CSOs shut down by the government or forced to cease operations because of their work on corruption-related issues during the study period. An example of the slow process to impose sanctions is reflected in the decision made by the State Council aimed at nullifying the Congress election almost three and a half years after the election, because it found that more than 34, votes were fraudulent.

In practice, there is no prior government restraint pre-publication censoring on publishing corruption-related stories. According to the constitution art.

DECRETO DE by Eduard Guerrero on Prezi

The situation seemed to be even worst in the local elections for the municipality of Magangue on July 26766,where the MOE reported extreme practices of vote buying on elections day.

For the 17 homicides taking place inthree suspects have been detained. Apparently the reaiduos bought this video and for many journalists it is not ethical to buy information that should be public, yet RCN never confirmed or denied that it bought information. In law, it is legal to report accurate news even if it damages the reputation of a public figure.

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Congresistas piden crear un nuevo organismo investigador. The location is then manipulated and the victims are dressed as casualties occurred in combat and the deceased as guerrilla members. The mass media, on balance, have clear preferences in election outcomes and coverage is driven to achieve these goals.

These appeals must be answered in 10 business days. A NO score is earned if homeless or impoverished people are legally prohibited from voting.