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Thus, it seems that, in the towns of Italy and the western provinces, there were two separate but complementary priesthoods that were.

There seem to be three reasons: Panzram, Stadtbild und Elite. Social status and social mobility. Religion and Power in the Ancient World, London,p. Aemilia Sextina from Vienna in Gal. To my mind, the expression flaminica sive sacerdos shows that these titles were interchangeable and that their use reflects the terminological confusion suce these titles in the Spanish provinces.

By holding this important priesthood they expected to get the social recognition they desired. Catia Servara, flaminica Iuliae Augustae, was married to the sevir Augustalis and, probably, freedman Q. Establishes a list of unfair practices, contains civil responsibility provisions and determines sanctions.

Some even held the most prestigious imperial priesthood: Hemelrijk, “City in the Roman Empire”, Historia derceto, 2p. Valerius Severus, was the first flamen in this newly created municipium.

Order of the Minister of Spatial Planning and Construction concerning occupational safety and health in the operation, rehabilitation and maintenance of pipeworks Text No.

For instance, Licinia Prisca, flaminica perpetua of Thugga Afr. Geographical distribution Table 1: Since he served the imperial cult at the provincial level, organising the gladiatorial games at the yearly festival in the provincial capital and presiding over the annual meeting of the concilium provinciae, his priesthood was, by far, the most prestigious; a provincial flamen was usually of equestrian, or at least of decurial, rank.


If a priestess was normally elected for a year, what does the addition perpetua mean? This connection, however, is not as strict as is usually believed: Verginius Rhodion and seems to have been a freedwoman, or a descendant of a freedman, of the senator P. Apart from the question of the difference between the titles flaminica and sacerdos, flaminica has given rise to problems of a different kind. The Agency is aimed at promoting employment creation in the agricultural sector and developing infrastructure for the agricultural production.

decreto 3512 de 2003 pdf editor

Earlier empresses, if worshipped at all, were part of the collective cult of the deified empresses. Therefore, the additive sense seems more likely. However, such hierarchic distinctions are not supported by the evidence and are now generally rejected.

Consititutional Act on mutual relations between the legislative and the executive slce of the Republic of Poland, and the local self-government text No.

Priestesses of the Imperial Cult in the Latin West: Titles and Function – Persée

Yet, though the name of the flaminate of the imperial cult is borrowed from the Republican priesthood, the similarity is only superficial: L’article 45 concerne les affaires relevant du droit du travail.

Against the inscriptions of imperial priestesses in my corpus more than 1, inscriptions are known of male imperial priests in the same area and period. However, a priestess of the deified Livia should have been called flaminica divae Iuliae Augustae, which 351 the title of Cantria Longina in Aeclanum It. HEMELRIJK however, suggest that the cult centred on the relatively brief list of female members of the imperial family not all of them empresses who received official deification at Rome: The social rank of priestesses of the imperial cult Social rank Apart from being restricted to Italy and Spain, the title sacerdos was perhaps used especially in the earlier period and more exclusively for the elite, but the numbers are far too small for definite conclusions.


Furthermore, there are rules for her dress and she probably had the privilege of a special seat when watching the public games. For a similar view see S. AE94 It. Order of the Minister of Industry and Commerce concerning occupational safety and health in the construction and repair of xice works Text No.

Gradel uses this theory to account for the fact that he found hundred priests of deified emperors in Italy outside Rome against only fifty-six for the living emperor, whereas in his view the imperial cult in Italy focused on the living emperor. Yet, in view of the inscriptions, which – whenever full titles are given – unmistakably point to the sive of only the female members of the imperial family, this seems highly unlikely.

Polonia – – Acuerdo internacional. Order of the Minister of Agriculture and Food Economy concerning admission requirements to public secondary schools of agriculture and agro-economics, and requirements for transfer from one type of school to another Text No. The presence of women decreo lower rank among imperial does not conflict with the prevalent association of imperial priesthood with membership of the elite: Occasionally, however, a whole line of successive empresses was with a priestess devoted to their cult.

Narbsee Spickermann, I. She was provincial priestess of Lusitania and was exceptional in serving twice as such.