Título LA PINTURA ESPAÆOLA / JUAN DE LA ENCINA Ondas y oscilaciones Y A LAS ECUACIONES DIFERENCIALES / JOHN WARREN DETTMAN ; TR. Isabel Carmona Jover, Isabel Edwards, C. H. (Charles Henry), Edwards, . review Libros en espanol para ninos: El Pirata Flatulento. (Spanish Edition) by review Ecuaciones diferenciales by Isabel Carmona. and also zip. [PDF] El nuevo libro del salto de obstáculos by Pascale Spanevello-Beteta . Ecuaciones diferenciales by Isabel Carmona.

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Seeking tools for image fusion between computed tomography, structural and functional magnetic resonance methods for applications in neurosurgery; Ferramentas para fusao de imagens dos metodos de tomografia computadorizada, ressonancia magnetica e ressonancia magnetica funcional para aplicacao pre-neurocirurgica.

Rocha, Liana Guerra Sanches da, E-mail: To evaluate tools for the fusion of images generated by tomography and eucaciones and functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Magnetic resonance and functional magnetic grtis imaging were performed while a volunteer who lobro previously undergone cranial tomography performed motor and somatosensory tasks in a 3-Tesla scanner. Image data were analyzed with different programs, and the results were compared. We constructed a flow chart of computational catmona that allowed measurement of the spatial congruence between the methods. There was no single computational tool that contained the entire set of functions necessary to achieve the goal.

Our results may serve as a basis for ,ibro software that will be useful as a virtual tool prior to neurosurgery. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. The study of environmental impacts involves a large amount of criteria and parameters being necessary to work with a multisciplinary team. The impacts due to urban transportation are very complex having different characteristics and magnitude, besides that, in Brazil, these studies are not obliged by law.

These facts leads to few studies of the environmental impacts and evidences the necessity of developing methodologies which makes possible the impact’s evaluation. This study refers to the utilization of the Analytical Hierarchy Process, a multicriteria procedure in the evaluation and analysis of environmental impacts in urban transportation. Lists the commands to be programed, gives examples, and explains the use of each. Analysis of technologies for natural gas transportation in Brazil: The increased demand for natural gas leads to global descargsr of markets, leading to decisions that cover the various technologies of transportation, noting the specific locations.

Álgebra intermedia (eBook)

The transport of natural gas considered more traditional Liquefied Natural Gas and Pipeline often unviable economically areas of operation due to cost. In this case, there are alternative technologies to reduce those costs. The article is to compare the technologies of transport, using ecuacionez methodology of the Net Present Value VPL to identify one that has more positive VPL, which is the most profitable.

The contribution of this work is to show that despite of the method, payback or VPL, the various alternatives for transporting natural gas to Brazil have the same ranking carmina economic viability.

Ecuaciones diferenciales isabel carmona 5 edicion pdf

Pipeline integrity management using Monte Carlo simulation; A aplicacao do metodo de Monte Carlo no gerenciamento da integridade de dutos. Inspection activities using intelligent PIGs, field correlations and replacement of pipeline segments are known as high cost operations and request complex logistics.

Thus, it is imperative the adoption of management tools that optimize the available resources. This study presents Monte Carlo simulation method as an additional tool for evaluation and management of pipeline structural integrity. The method consists in foreseeing future physical conditions of most significant defects found in intelligent PIG In Line Inspections based on a probabilistic approach.

Through Monte Carlo simulation, probability functions of failure for each defect are produced, helping managers to decide which repairs should be executed in order to reach the desired or accepted risk level. This pipeline was constructed to transfer petroleum from Urucu’s production fields to Solimoes port, in Coari, city in Brazilian Amazon Region.

The result of this analysis indicated critical points for repair, in addition to the results obtained by the conventional evaluation deterministic ASME BG method. Due to the difficulties to mobilize staff and execute necessary repairs in remote areas like Amazon forest, the probabilistic tool was extremely useful, improving pipeline integrity level and avoiding future additional costs.

Method to allow the estimation of heat transfer coefficients in solar stills; Metodo para determinar coeficientes locales de transferencia de calor en destiladores solares. This work reports an experimental method that allows to estimate the heat transfer coefficients in the neighborhood of walls or flat plates subject to convective transport phenomena. This method can be applied to a great variety of thermal systems since it is based on the knowledge of the border condition for the temperature at the surface of the plate, and the temperature profile that characterize the dimensionless coefficient of heat transfer in the fluid, according to its definition given by the Nusselt number.


The approach of this work are the foundations of the method and the system that has been developed to apply it, that incorporates automatic acquisition equipment for continuos monitoring of the information and elements to control the parameters of interest. In addition, the experimental cavities on which the method will be evaluated are discussed, considering two different scales, as well as experiments in cavities filled with air, and with a mixture of air and steam water, as is the case for solar distillation.

Este metodo puede ser aplicado a una gran variedad de sistemas termicos ya que se fundamenta en el conocimiento de la condicion de frontera para la temperatura en la superficie de la placa, y del perfil de temperaturas que caracteriza el coeficiente adimensional de transferencia de calor en el fluido, de acuerdo a la definicion de este, dada por el numero de Nusselt. El trabajo que aqui se reporta esta enfocado a la fundamentacion del metodo y al equipamiento que se ha desarrollado para instrumentarlo, que incorpora equipos automaticos de adquisicion continua de informacion y elementos de control para los parametros de interes.

Se presentan ademas, las cavidades experimentales sobre las que sera evaluado el metodoque considera dos escalas diferentes, asi como experimentos en cavidades llenas de aire. Se utilizaron fetos: In fetal stage, body mass and measurements quickly increase.

Scientific literature shows differences on the criteria to determine the post-mortem fetal stage, depending on morphometric parameters. Our objective was to compare both methods, direct morphologic measures crown-rump length, Hansmann table and ultrasonography femur measurement, to establish their reliability on post-mortem determination of fetal age. One hundred and twenty fetuses were studied: Many measurements were performed on both groups, following internationally determined parameters.

We used a precision gauge. Obtained information was grouped by weeks. We calculated the data mean and significant difference was managed by Student t-test. Results demonstrated significant difference in the considered parameters between group A and B, and then, to determine the fetal age.

Leopatin method applied to the Parana basin; Maturacao termica de hidrocarbonetos: One of the requirements for the existent of economic deposits of hydrocarbons is that the organic matter has undergone adequate thermal maturation.

Several techniques have been proposed in order to quantity the catagenetic state of kerogen, and the Lopatin-Waples methodology permits quantification at any past time and does not require laboratory tests on samples of the material.

For this reason it is an useful techniques for predicting mature zones using as basic information the thermal and subsidence histories of each stratum. The technique predicted oil phone areas at the east border of the basin for the Ponta Grossa and Irati formation, and also that most of the thermal maturation occurred after the basalt flows of the Cretaceous period. Application of Monte Carlo simulation to the standardization of positron emitting radionuclides; Aplicacao do metodo de Monte Carlo na padronizacao de radionuclideos emissores de positrons.

aplicacao dos metodos: Topics by

In the LNM started a research field on modeling, based on Monte Carlo method, of all the system components, including radiation detectors and radionuclide decay processes. The main focus of the present work is on Monte Carlo modeling of the standardization of positron emitting radionuclides associated or not with electron capture and accompanied or not by the emission of Gamma radiation.

Magnetotellurics MT is a natural-source, electromagnetic geophysical method of imaging structures below the earth’s surface. It is used to map the subsurface Earth’s resistivity by measuring the naturally occurring electric and magnetic fields at the Earth’s surface.

These natural EM fields are generated in the Earth’s atmosphere mainly by lightning strokes and by interactions between the solar wind and the ionosphere. Natural variations in the earth’s magnetic field induce electric currents or telluric currents under the earth’s surface. Concurrent measurements of orthogonal components of the electric and magnetic fields allow for the calculation of the impedance tensor, which is complex and frequency-dependent and from which it is possible to gain insight into the resistivity structure of the surrounding material.

The marine magnetotelluric method MMT is the application of MT method to investigate the sea-floor resistivity’s distribution. A MMT sounding with 96 stations was realized in the region of Santos Basin on a subsalt section to assist the interpretation of seismic data in order to estimate the depth of base of the salt subsalt since this imaging in general is problematic.

The high contrast of the electrical resistivity between the salt and grtis surrounding sediments is an excellent objective and it constitutes a great opportunity to test the applicability of cqrmona MMT method in oil exploration studies. The geological interpretation of the seismic profile of the studied area shows the existence of several bodies of salt with graris of the base that could vary more from m to more than m. The top of the body of more important salt of the profile begins to the m and your base is not solved by the seismic sign that it reaches a maximum depth of m.


The MMT data of the central profile were submitted an inversion procedure – 2D by using the non linear conjugate gradients that produces smooth models for the resistivity structure.

The inversions produced resistivity anomalies well delimited with a correct estimate of the position and of the depth reached by the bodies of salt. Method for evaluating the applicability and application rate wastes in soil; Metodo para avaliacao da aplicabilidade e taxa de aplicacao de residuos em solo.

The biodegradation process is dynamic and complex, and incorrect monitoring may destroy the potential of the soil. Due to great differences both in terms of soils and of residues, each case must be monitored individually. We therefore developed a monitoring method for land farming systems based on the impact of the waste on indigenous soil microbial populations.

Conditions should then be altered, to ensure adequate functioning of the system. Ecuaciiones method also allows for determination of the applicability of candidate wastes and of acceptable waste application rates in soil. Realizou-se entrevista semiestruturada, cujos dados car,ona submetidos ao programa Alceste, com aplicacao de analise lexical. Obsidian dating by fission track method; Datacao de obsidianas com o metodo dos tracos de fissao.

The fission track method was employed to obtain the age of twelve obsidian sample from Ecuador. By using the plateau-age correction method, we obtained the true age of each sample and were able to identify four groups of ages in the studied area.

Thereafter we studied the fading of fission tracks in two obsidian samples with different origins: Yanaurcu, Ecuador and Monte Arci, Italy. We constructed Arrhenius plots and calculated activation energies for both samples.

The results from thermal annealing experiments were compared with theoretical curves obtained by integrating an equation proposed by Shukolyukov et al Clique aqui para Decidir: Full Text Available Este estudo investigou como as opinioes publicadas em sites de recomendacoes influenciam o processo de decisao de compra de servicos hoteleiros.

Os resultados indicam que as opinioes postadas atuam de forma relevante na decisao de compra de servicos osabel. Os principais fatores para tornar os comentarios dos internautas referencias sao a credibilidade e a confianca que os buscadores de informacoes lhes atribuem.

Application of the identification methods from Hilbert and Prony to the study of oscillatory phenomena in electrical power systems; Aplicacion de los metodos de identificacion de Hilbert y Prony al estudio de fenomenos oscilatorios en sistemas electricos de potencia. In the present thesis work the application of identification techniques is investigated based diferencialrs methods of spectral analysis to the study of the instantaneous characteristics of signals obtained by means of digital simulation of the dynamic behavior of the power system.

The study focuses on the perspectives developed from two different approaches of analysis: The developed tools are applied to the study of two phenomena of electromechanical origin of different characteristics in complex power systems. A comparison between the results obtained is performed for these techniques and the possibility of its application is discussed for the problem of on-line identification in power systems. El estudio se centra en las aproximaciones desarrolladas desde dos enfoques ecusciones de analisis: Las herramientas desarrolladas se aplican al estudio de dos fenomenos de origen electromecanico de caracteristicas distintas en sistemas complejos de potencia.

Se hace una comparacion entre los resultados obtenidos por estas tecnicas y se discute la posibilidad de su aplicacion al problema de dde en linea en sistemas de potencia. Factors application of MW-mile method and participation in the allocation of charges by the drills use in electricity markets; Aplicacion de los factores de participacion y del metodo de MW-milla en la asignacion de cargos por uso de redes de transmision en mercados de electricidad.

Use of network allocation costs by shift factors and MW-Mile method is reported in this paper. Conventional shift factors are computed based on DC dedcargar flow. DC power flow requires to selecting a slack bus in order to avoid matrix singularity. Therefore, shift factors are slack bus dependent. In order to evade slack bus dependency, two approaches are considered.