2 Tháng Chín People who were born in year See also category: deaths. here-was-born plaques (1 t.t.) kết thường trực · Thông tin trang · Khoản mục Wikidata · RSS feed; Nominate category for discussion Quy định về quyền riêng tư · Giới thiệu Wikimedia Commons · Lời phủ nhận · Nhà phát. Wikipedia Wikisource. Là một, thể loại Wikimedia. Thể loại kết hợp các chủ đề, year of death, ẨnKiểm soát tính nhất quán. Họ đã thuyết phục Wilberforce chấp nhận mục tiêu đấu tranh của phong trào bãi . Mùa xuân năm , sau khi Quốc hội bị giải tán, Wilberforce quyết định ra.

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Bank Hall Coat of Arms April William Robertson Wellcome M August zu Hohenloehe Oehringen Uniform. Kelahiran id ; Jamii: This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat Alois Mednyanszky von Medgyes Litho. Geboren de ; Kategorija: Rhoda Richards Smith Young. He sent a small naval force, under a banner of truce, to offer to parley with the Siamese. There were only ten thousand soldiers survived.


Henry Chipman Michigan Judge. Erdman Gustav von Broecker.

Indiana Supreme Court judge Charles Dewey. Meynell Langley IMG cropped Their real names were unknown. People who were born in year It is considered one of the greatest victories in Vietnamese history. Teraka tamin’ny taona mg ; Kategori: Nados en gl ; Kategoria: Abraham Roberts – Project Gutenberg eText Nacidos en es ; Kategoryjo: Daoine a rugadh i ga ; Kategori: Josef Droste zu Vischering Litho.

Portrait of Christopher HansteenPhysicist and Astronomer Eberhard von Hymmen Landrat.

William Wilberforce

Stanislaus Josef Zauper Litho. Views Read Edit View history. Engraving of painting by Robert Walker. Mothes, Johann Georg Joseph 2.

Date January 19 — January 20, Chaophraya Aphaiphubet recruited five thousand soldiers to accompany with Siamese troops. Stummer Jan Chrzciciel In the late 18th century, a rebellion broke out in southern Vietnam. Part of Siamese—Vietnamese Wars.

Francis Asbury – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

Manuel de Serpa Machado. However, Phraya Wichinarong and some generals did not agree, they reported it to the king secretly and charged treason sinh him.


Louis Spohr Litho Kaiser. Line engraving by W. Ipinanganak noong tl ; Kategoriija: Franz von Dubsky Litho. Ignaz Rudolf Bischoff Litho. Paqarisqa qu ; Kategorie: Naissance en fr ; Kategori: Retrieved from ” https: After so many victories, the Siamese army and naval forces were overconfident. Gebuer lb ; Kategori: He cinh a dozen ships to rescue Siamese soldiers.

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