NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF DEVINE INTERVENTION by Martha Brockenbrough. Kirkus Star. Devine Intervention by Martha Brockenbrough ISBN Publication: June from Arthur A. Levine Books Rating: 4 ♥ / 5. Martha Brockenbrough talks about her new young adult novel, Devine Intervention, and A divine look at teen angst playing out in the afterlife.

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That had to burn.

A divine look at teen angst playing out in the afterlife

This book is comic relief from cover to cover. Specifically, since the first moment I heard about it. I loved the “Anne of Green Gables” books.

Which is why I was laughing and crying willy nilly while reading Devine Intervention. You need this book. Overall, though, Devine Intervention by Martha Brockenbrough is marthw great debut novel that encompasses a wide range of emotion and character growth.

When the unthinkable happens, these two lost souls must figure out where they went wrong and whether they can make things right before Heidi’s time is up and her soul is lost forever. And it’s either face his teachers and probably be thrown in one of the horrible divije of Hell, or let Heidi’s soul vanish into the nothing for eternity. In fact, this is a very different twist from the book of Enoch.

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. But this book pleasantly surprised me with its humor, insight, and imperfect characters. But when he can’t get her into Heaven immediately, he assumes it’s his fault, his responsibility, and there’s the possibility that she will become one of the tiny number of dovine lost souls – i.


It was all over the place. So since her birth, he’s pretty much made her believe she hears voices jntervention her head, singing FreeBird. Signed, sealed, delivered, this book had me, from the canine ghostly possession to the pizza rolls to the talent show gone bad. I just can’t believe that a teenager would ever think so. Your only alternative is an eternity spent in the nine layers of hell. At the end of the first chapter when Jerome reflects on his failed school assignment in 8th grade to take care of an egg all week as if it were a baby, we discover he has some pretty complex layers: There are a few scenes I really like.

Either the plot summary on the back cover lied to me, or it gave merely the barest hint at what the book is actually about. The main thing I liked about this book was the growth of both the main characters. I liked Jerome maybe because he wasn’t perfect, he martga pretend to be, and he didn’t want to be. Not many angel books are hilarious and heartbreaking but Devine Intervention by Martha Brockenbrough is one of the few books that manages to be both.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The characters were entertaining and borckenbrough unique. Jun 21, Margie rated it it was amazing Shelves: The main concept of the book is somewhat depressing since it includes death and family grievingbut Brockenbrough makes me cry from laughing so hard.


Humorous and unforgettable, Devine Intervention by Martha Brockenbrough is a beautifully written and meaningful story about life and after that will leave readers full of hope and happiness. Brocoenbrough Intervention didn’t quite manage to pull off funny – except in spots – and it seemed to make its own job of dealing with the real stuff much harder by the framework built around the funny.

Howard would have been rich if he’d stayed alive. I highly highly recommend it!! Starting with Jerome’s story: Heidi has always heard the voice speak to her.

Martha Brockenbrough Books, Author Biography, and Reading Level | Scholastic

The kind with fish heads, banana peels and old transvestite wigs. Every year at BEA, I make impulse grabs and every year, an impulse grab ends up being the best of what I snag.

There are approximately three billion stories about angels guardians or not Heidi has an imaginary brockenrbough named Jerome. Oh, the animal death inetrvention be too much for me, but the book does sound oddly charming in a funny kind of way.

It was interesting to see a new commandment and discover that it ties in to what the characters are going through in the following chapter. That arrow that killed Jerome, in his head, as they walk into the light. It’s a hilarious book about a difficult subject – life and the choices we make in it.