DMA Q – Analysis Quickstart. Other Links. TRIOS QuickStart Guide – Basic Data Analysis Applications in Rheology · Universal Analysis QuickStart Course. The TA Instruments Q Dynamic Mechanical Analyser (DMA) is a thermal analytical instrument used to test the mechanical properties of many different. DMAs from TA Instruments. Controlled Strain. SMT. RSA G2. Q Controlled Stress. CMT. ARES G2 and DHR. DMA mode. (oscillation).

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Go beyond conventional DMA testing and program experiments that mimic complex real-world conditions through an unlimited combination of 23 available steps. View brochure Contact Qq800. This comprehensive set of information is invaluable for method development, procedure deployment and data validation.

Benefits of Direct -Strain include: For routine use and common test types, DMA Express shortens training time, reduces the possibility for mistakes in experimental design, and inspires confidence.

Data Analysis A comprehensive set of relevant dmz are available for real-time data analysis, even during experiments.

TA Instruments Q Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) | College of Science & Engineering

Two equal-size pieces of the same material are sheared between a fixed and moving plate for the measurement of shear modulus, G. A unique low-friction, roller bearing supported design available on the 20 mm and 50 mm clamps improves modulus accuracy and reproducibility by accommodating and accounting for twist or curvature in the test specimen. A new self-aligning mechanism ensures the parallelism of upper and lower plates, enhancing strain and force uniformity while simplifying user interaction and improving modulus accuracy and precision.

The result is the most stable platform for mechanical characterization of materials even under extreme conditions. This precision environmental system provides accurate control of sample temperature and relative humidity for DMA experiments. Only TA offers clamps that are ready to use out of the box without complex assembly procedures inherent to competitive designs. DMA Photo Gallery.

Optimized Mechanics The critical drive components of the DMA are mounted within a high-stiffness aluminum casting that is rigidly mounted to an FEA-optimized instrument frame.


DirectStrain is real-time strain control for faster and more accurate dmaa of challenging samples and test conditions, such as rapidly changing materials or soft specimens at high frequencies.

The user is presented with all necessary testing parameters in a self-contained window, populated with sensible default starting parameters. The app-style touchscreen, powerful new TRIOS software, and quick robust calibration routines work dja to dramatically improve laboratory workflows and productivity. Dual cantilever is especially ideal for measuring the cure of supported thermosets.

TA Instruments Q800 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA)

For the first time, design test procedures that contain any combination of available test types including oscillation, transient, strain- and stress- control, mechanical and thermal conditioning, and more. Complete Data Record The advanced data collection system automatically saves all relevant signals, active calibrations, and system settings. Because the modulus of a material can change by several orders of magnitude in a narrow range of time or temperature, the selection of programming parameters can make or break an experiment.

The non-contact drive motor transmits force directly to a rectangular air bearing slide.

DMA Q – Analysis Quickstart – TA Instruments

Temperature-Controlled Transducer The transducer is temperature-controlled to eliminate drift associated with temperature changes from the sample or laboratory environment.

Ergonomic design for easy viewing and operation Packed with functionality to simplify operation and enhance user experience The app-style touch screen includes: Competitive systems based on moveable, hanging, xma soft-mounted frames are constrained in their effective frequency-range by the combination of sample stiffness and system resonance. The new DMA Express interface qq800 designed specifically for new users and those with simple, well-defined experimental requirements it presents test setup details in easy-to-choose, self-contained forms.

Sample spans of 5 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, and 50 da are available to accommodate a wide range of sample stiffness and specimen sizes. The DMA is the only commercial DMA instrument to feature a temperature-controlled force and displacement transducer, providing unparalleled measurement stability and accuracy.

Choose from the core DMA Express test modes plus advanced sample conditioning, deformation, conditional step termination, and repeat segment capabilities.


DMA Q800 – Analysis Quickstart

The DMA offers your choice of two dedicated environmental systems: Non-contact, low mass motor delivers continuous forces from 0. In oscillation experiments, the instrument uses constant and variable methods 8q00 apply a static load that prevents buckling and unnecessary creep. The only limit is your imagination! The intuitive user interface allows you to simply and effectively program experiments, and move easily between processing experiments and viewing and analyzing data.

Onset and fma analysis Signal maximum and minimum Signal change Modulus crossover Curve values at specific X or Y points 1 st and 2 nd derivatives Area under the curve Peak height Peak integration, and running integral Mathematical fitting: If it is too small, force sensitivity suffers. Unlike competitive motor designs that provide either high force or high resolution, or require separate inferior motors for linear travel, the DMA achieves a continuous range of linear travel and high-resolution force measurement.

If the deformation chosen is too large there could be excessive sample creep.

A high-sensitivity thermocouple is in close proximity to the sample to provide a representative measurement of sample temperature, regardless of the mode of deformation being employed. Parallel plate compression measurements are most suitable for low to moderate modulus materials such as foams and elastomers.

The all new intelligent Auto-Ranging feature takes the guess work out of selection of starting conditions and ensures force and displacement are dmz maintained within reasonable user defined limits.

This enables the system to capture a broad spectrum of material properties with the highest w800 of sensitivity and accuracy. Auto-Ranging Because the ema of a material can change by several orders of magnitude in a narrow range of time or temperature, the selection of programming parameters can make or break an experiment.

The continuous travel of the DMA makes sample loading in tension especially convenient.