[email protected] Jesteśmy do Twojej dyspozycji od poniedziałku do piątku w godzinach: Biuro Obsługi Klienta – do Dział Pomocy Technicznej – 9: Dokumentacje. dowiedz się więcej · Moduły i wtyczki. dowiedz się więcej · SDK. Biblioteki mobilne. dowiedz się więcej · Materiały graficzne. dowiedz się więcej. Płatności kartą przez telefon – IVR. dowiedz się więcej · Raporty i eksport danych . dowiedz się więcej · Dedykowane linki do płatności. dowiedz się więcej.

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After selecting dokmuentacja tab, you will be transferred to the list of results for specified criteria or hotels. If you have branches of the office, this module will present them in the form of a slider, show the contact details and allow to go to their websites in an easy way. When done, select ‘Save and close’. To do so, you need to add separate widgets for every branch, and in edition in ‘Office location’ tab select ‘Agency details’ and provide details. To do so, select search criteria from the list or create your own, then you can type the name of the hotel or leave the space empty.

Place the cursor at the end of the text and press down arrow on the keyboard. List of created offer criteria used on the website.

The following Terms and Conditions regulate conclusion of distance contracts by the means of internet, order placing, execution as well as complains and returns of acquired products. Here you have to select the IBE affilliate with dotpsy search engine, to which the search engine on this website will refer. Add pop-up advertisement You may add the URL to the advertisement which will be displayed after entering the website. Select a type and the pop-up will be created will be added to the pop-up list.


To drop all the changes, select ‘Leave without saving’ button.

Wednesday, 20 August Ustawa z dnia Next, in the bar edition, provide the name for the subpage, attach the specific subpage and decide whether the subpage will open in the existing window or as a separate tab.

Provided office name will be visible on the tab in the browser, and the dokumsntacja words will make the website easier to find META tags.

Here you have to select the IBE affilliate with xFly search engine, to which the search engine on this website will refer. User will be notified of such change on the website. D-Galactosamine GaIN induces acute hepatitis in experimental animals; this hepatitis has been shown to be suppressed by oral or intraperitoneal administration of modified arabinoxylan from rice bran MGN—3and active low molecular fraction isolated from… Read more Thursday, 17 April 6: Bran 30s oraz Bi.

An individual or organisation who has registered on the webpage. For B2B offer inquiries and orders please use dedicated e-mail adress: Provide the name for the element, hyperlink to the content which you want to display and define the frame height.

Friendly URL – possibility to create your own link names. However, current medical opinion argues for a… Read more Wednesday, 17 September 8: Each purchased license is another individual right to use the same software on a different domain www. In order to display content from external website in the box, go to box edition, select ‘Add link’ and enter the URL of the website you want to display when a Customer enters the box.

Additionally, particular regions may be distinguished by the tag in which you may provide your own text, specify its location, shape and color. Depending on the settings, the hotels will be distinguished on the list no matter the search criteria or only when the list of results matches the region where the given hotel is located.


A 64—year-old female patient with umbilical metastasis of recurrent colorectal cancer SMJN was subjected to complementary medicine using the rice bran arabinoxylan derivativea food component of BRM activity in addition to chemotherapy in order… Read more Thursday, 13 May 8: You may add up to 9 subpages on the bar.

Looking for different product specification or price?

Potrzebujesz pomocy?

A menu with pop-up types will open on the left. If the files received from your agent one of the above is minning, we most likely won’t be able dkoumentacja help. Each element has the ‘Perform action’ button containing actions possible to perform on the particular element.

Making purchases is available after the registration. There is an increased interest in alternative treatments that reduce dotpau toxicity of chemotherapy by lowering the drug concentration, whilst maintaining potency against cancer cells.

Click on it to display the information window. MGN-3 is an arabinoxylan from rice bran that has been shown to be….

Legal Notice

This module displays the current weather for selected regions in the form of slideshow. Ethernet, housing type B wideDIN rail mount.

In order to save the layout changes, button ‘Save configuration’ must be used. Nr z r. None of the functionalities of shop webbay.