The corpora is a kind of bylaws for the Kingdom, and contains the rules Winds Corpora (Current as of January ); Dragonspine Corpora. wm_corpora_pdf. Kingdom Corpora coming soon. Dragonspine Corpora updated Dragonspine Corpora Amtgard Monster Manual. Dragonspine! As we are now officially into the month of the crown it is once again time to clean the slate for reeves and corpora certified. Per corpora to be.

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December 22 at 3: Larger expenditures require the approval of the Althing. And in the Wetlands, a Master Hydra qualifies you for a crown belt! Email or Phone Password Forgot account? The Guildmaster of Reeves shall ensure that there are an appropriate number of reeves at any corpoora chapter event and that the conduct of those coorpora is competent and fair. Should the position of Regent become empty, the Monarch must appoint a dues-paid member as pro-tem Regent for the remainder of the term of office.

In the other seven, it does.

Reeve a game 4 spaces The Regent shall be in charge of the coronation and midreign events. Amtgard-wide changes dragonspinr a three-quarters vote of all kingdoms in Amtgard, and are binding upon Dragonspine and all its sponsored chapters.

Attend a park day outside of your home park 2 spaces The Weaponmaster Tournament shall take place no more than three months after coronation, and shall otherwise be run according to the guidelines set forth for the Fighting Events of Crown Qualifications.

I might not want it to mean that, and it might not mean that in my kingdom, but because one kingdom does it differently, I no longer have that choice. The Monarch presides over all official functions and ceremonies. The Weaponmaster Tournament shall be conducted by the Guildmaster of Reeves.


Amtgard, Kingdom of Dragonspine

Amtgard should use the same award standards. Make a garb accessory 2 space 9. Records of the treasury shall include detailed, clear, current and accurate information concerning i kingdom income, ii kingdom expenditures, iii current kingdom funds, and iv receipts for all expenditures. All officers must be at least 18 years old. The Prime Minister shall hold an automatic seat on the Board of Directors.

The Champion shall organize battlegames and ditches on days when no predetermined scenarios are scheduled. Should the position of Guildmaster of Reeves become empty, the dues-paid members of the Reeves Guild who have earned reeve credits within the past six months shall elect a pro-tem Guildmaster of Reeves.

Someone may take three different versions of each test, one of which may be verbal, until they are considered to have failed the tests for purposes of running for an office that requires passing scores on each test. The Monarch represents the kingdom to the rest of Amtgard.

Randall Andalsa’s e-Samurai – all opinions, all the time

An order in one kingdom should mean the same in all kingdoms. A masterhood in one land should be the same everywhere. The Prime Minister is responsible for maintaining the kingdom treasury, and for maintaining accurate and current records thereof.

The Prime Minister shall maintain accurate and current records of all kingdom contractual obligations.

Documents and Links

The exceptions are the Board of Directors, which is presided over by the President of the Board and the Guild of Knights, which is presided over by the Guildmaster of Knights.


A member must have signed in on at least twelve full-credit regular meeting days during the previous six months in order to vote. Master Lion is a combination of Griffins and Lions in eight kingdoms, but the other four split them out. This clause has been affected by amendment Corpota. If nobody is qualified to run for office, an Althing shall be held to appoint pro-tem officers.

Order of the Dragon Award Templates. Monarch or Regent Given for: Changes to the Amtgard Rules dragonzpine Play only apply in Dragonspine. This is not an objectionable change. Not content to modify one draagonspine, they also have the aforementioned Order corporx the Bard, which also counts for nothing.

Temporary rulings should be announced and published in the newsletter. I picked it at random. All candidates for office may appoint a representative to witness the counting of the votes. Do you know the circle of fates?

Great job dealing with the ninja yall. The winner of any election requires a simple plurality vote.

Chancellor Elections

Sponsoring Kingdoms may award any number of awards and orders to new groups under their jurisdiction. The Regent is not required to pay any fees and is considered to be a dues-paid member while in office, and any dues already paid by the Regent shall resume after the Regent leaves offices.

All members may vote on changing the rules regardless of their dues-paid status. The awards themselves are even a little fruity.