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Phosphorylation of Tyr is thought to be mediated by a C-terminal Src kinase Csk 676869 Caveolin peptides contain caveolin residues,orrespectively Table I.

Accepted, Eligibility for PayPal Credit is determined at checkout. United Kingdom and many other countries See details. Protein-tyrosine kinases play an essential role in the regulation of cellular growth control and differentiation. We find that caveolin interacts ss with wild-type Src c-Src but fails to stably interact with a mutationally activated form of Src v-Src.

Caveolae are small bulb-shaped invaginations located at or near the cell surface 1. Four days later, culture supernatants were removed and centrifuged at 1, rpm for 10 min.

Please try again later. Also, caveolin co-immunoprecipitates with c-Src when using antibodies directed against c-Src bottom panel. These results with v-Src further demonstrate the specificity of the interaction between c-Src and caveolin.

Within min, this mixture was added to the cells; dishes were gently agitated to ensure uniform mixing. Caveolin Residues Functionally Inhibit the Auto-activation of c-Src and Fyn Tyrosine Kinases To examine the functional consequences of the interaction of caveolin with Src tyrosine kinases, we generated a panel of caveolin peptides that span the region of caveolin. Thus, we have termed this amino acid stretch of caveolin residues the caveolin scaffolding domain.



Add to Watch list Watching Watch list is full. Although caveolae are present in most cells, they are most abundant in terminally differentiated cell types: Slides were mounted with Slow-Fade 299190 reagent and observed under a Bio-Rad MR confocal fluorescence microscope. Untagged caveolin and c-Src were co-expressed in T cells by co-transfection using a modified calcium phosphate precipitation procedure as described previously Rear Axle; for PR number: We may receive commission if your application for credit is successful.

The cell pellets were analyzed by both in vitro kinase assay and immunoblotting using anti-Src antibody. The inhibitory effect of peptide 2 was slightly less potent on Fyn tyrosine kinase.

As a consequence of Dss divergence, v-Src does not contain Tyrwhich when phosphorylated can act to functionally inactivate c-Src kinase This suggests that caveolin residues are most critical for interaction with c-Src.

We further analyzed the effect of caveolin on c-Src activity in vivo by transiently co-expressing full-length caveolin and c-Src tyrosine kinase in T cells. Also, the site of caveolin phosphorylation by c-Src occurs at a single tyrosine residue tyrosine 14; Ref.

This is consistent with results demonstrating co-immunoprecipitation of caveolin with c-Src using antibodies directed against c-Src Fig. They represent a micro-domain of the plasma membrane 12. For double transfection experiments, T cells gift of Dr. Caveolae are plasma membrane specializations present in most cell types.

See all carpartsinmotion has no other items for sale. In order to define a minimal region of caveolin that can functionally support an association with c-Src, GST-caveolin fusion proteins encoding distinct portions of the N- or C-terminal domains of caveolin were used as the substrate for c-Src binding.


All three peptides contain two conserved tyrosine residues marked by arrows and are extremely homologous.

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These results imply that the interaction of caveolin vs Src family kinases may serve to negatively regulate their functional activity. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and 2919 fees. Interaction of Src Tyrosine Kinases with a Cytosolic Domain of Caveolin Caveolin has been found associated with a number of cytoplasmic lipid-modified signal transducers using both Triton-based and detergent-free methods 1213141516171819 The following four peptides were utilized: Casanova, Massachusetts General Hospital Occlusion negative plaques were picked and seeded onto 2.

A caveolin peptide derived from this region residues functionally suppressed the auto-activation of purified recombinant c-Src tyrosine kinase and Fyn, a related Src family tyrosine kinase. Here, we examine the structural and functional interaction of caveolin with Src family tyrosine kinases. Adiagrammatic summary of each GST-caveolin fusion protein relative to a complete caveolin molecule.