Ducab RuBICC – H07RN-F Rubber Flexibles are designed to provide excellent flexibility during Click here to download Ducab RuBICC – H07RN-F brochure. details on lead sheath cables refer our lead sheath power, control and auxilary cable catalogue). (g). (1) XLPE insulation Ultra-violet (UV) colour masterbatch. Established in , Ducab is the leading cable manufacturing company in the This catalogue provides working information on PVC insulated wiring cables.

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This is especially important where aluminium wire armour is used, as ingress of moisture could lead to corrosion or ultimate loss of earth continuity. This catalogue provides working information on Low Voltage power cables.

About Duflex – Ducab Flexible Cables

All buildings and structures are at risk from fire and so are the people dycab use them. For the most of the cables the armour is still adequate when the fuse rating is one or two steps, or even more, above the current rating of the cable, the margins being greater for the small sizes and 4 core cables than for the larger sizes and two core cables.

Ducab prides itself on setting and maintaining the highest quality standards of power cables. NOTE – They can be customized as per customer specific requirement with options for sheathing materials and armour types.

For tinned conductors reference should be made to BS The dimensions of cables vary with manufacturing ducwb. Tolerance on the above dimensions are Duflex – Ducab Flexible Cables.

The structural services of the building, including the underfloor voids and vertical riser ducts which accommodate cables, can aid the spread of fire and the spread of the smoke and fumes which the fire produces. Length of cables required and individual drum lengths. Let Vd be the voltage drop in volts. For detailed product description and characteristics, reference can be made to the respective FlamBICC product data in this catalog.

PVC insulated cables provide more flexibility and less bending radius for installation. All the cables described in this publication can be used indoors or outdoors, but some reservations are necessary concerning cables for direct burial in the ground or for use in sustained wet conditions as follows: The voltage drop 2 values in the tables have been based on this assumption. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. It should be ensured that the accessories associated with the cables are also capable of operation at these values of fault current and temperature.


For any given run the values need to be multiplied by the length of the run in metres and by the current in amperes that the cables are to carry.

Please enable JavaScript, or certain functions may not work properly. Experienced and highly skilled employees operate state-of-the-art equipment, and conduct extensive testing at every phase of production. It is therefore necessary to compare the two ratings. Our experienced Technical Staff can provide guidance on cable selection and installation and can ensure that you get the right cable for the job. Ducab has made a major contribution to meeting these requirements, with the development of a range of Ducab Smokemaster Low Smoke Zero Halogen cataalogue power caatlogue wiring cables.

Values of voltage drop are tabulated for a current of one ampere for a 1 metre run, i. Density of XLPE is 0. JavaScript is not enabled in your browser.

The cables are assumed to be remote from iron, steel or ferro-concrete, other than the cable supports. For 2 core cables, 50 cucab and above have D-shaped conductors. Andy Lehrens presentation on Wikileaks. Furthermore, when tested in accordance with BS Method D, the oxygen index of both bedding and sheath will not be less than These are screened cables designed as per BS and are mainly used in fire detection, voice alarm, emergency lighting etc.

BoxDubai, U. Therefore it is possible to select a mm2 cable rather than the mm2 cable first indicated. Jointing and terminating of XLPE insulated cables does not require any special techniques. The insulation resistance value of the cable does not appreciably change with conductor operating temperature.

About Ducab Flam BICC

Single core cables for AC operation should not pass through steel conduit or steel gland plate, as it produces a heating effect. To meet the growing demand of customers around the region and catslogue world, Ducab continues to expand its world-class facilities across the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and India. BoxJebel Ali, Dubai Tel: USE Supply power to large motors and other industrial equipment.


Ducab Smokemaster cables provide improved fire protection and reduce the risk cattalogue building occupants. Electrical power, lighting and internal wiring in households, industrial and administrative buildings, Agricultural premises, switchgear and catalkgue boards.

Aluminium glands should be used in conjunction with cables having aluminium wire armour. Become a Supplier We invite you to register your company with us. Corrosive acids are formed when the gases released by fire cucab into contact with moisture. Ducab won Dubai Quality Gold Category award twice, in and in LSZH cables should be used in any location where the outbreak of fire would constitute an immediate threat to life and to the performance of sensitive electronic equipment.

The magnitude of induced voltage is directly proportional to the current through the conductor and length of the cable.

DUCAB Fire Performance Cables

Installing Ducab Smokemaster cables can reduce the threat to life by extending the escape and rescue time available. Ducabb cables are offered to BS These are multi-core armoured cables designed as per BS with steel wire armour construction to meet category F fire test caalogue per BS During F fire test direct mechanical impact and water jet is provided on the cable during fire test.

Refer to Table 16, 32 and 34 for single core cable armour wire diameter Notes: When it comes to advanced cable solutions, Ducab continues its status as the superbrand across the world in 40 countries. We advice the cable diameter is measured where possible before purchasing components. Ducab cables are preferred for the following reasons: