NOTE!!! This product is not in mint condition. Non-mint products have typically been dinged or bent or picked up some other form of imperfection during the. Originally published as 11 linked adventures in the award-winning Dungeon magazine, the Shackled City Adventure Path is the most ambitious. Shackled City was the first Adventure Path released by Paizo. It began back when they were producing Dragon and Dungeon Magazines.

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This article originally appeared in the second volume of Pyramid.

It is rated 2. Pages Images and files Insert a link to a new page Loading I really enjoyed most of it, but it needed a bit more foreshadowing as the BBEG isn’t really even acknowledged until nearly the end.

The Adventure Paths were widely lauded throughout the gaming industry, and the collected issues of Shackled Cityincluding extensive background and location notes on Cauldron and its residents, were nominated for and received multiple ENnies in The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Perhaps worth noting that I ran the magazine version – the hardback adds advrnture extra chapter early on.

Shackled City main page

Still, the city and other scenery was lovely, and some of the situations it set up were very cinematic. Thursday, 29th December, Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files. dyngeons

The player characters investigate recent kidnappings. Drakthar’s Wayadded for the hardcover collection. The Cagewrights begin their plans in earnest now, awakening the volcano on which Cauldron is built. An ally of the dungeoms is kidnapped and taken to a safe house of the Last Laugh, Cauldron’s thieves guild.


Pyramid Review

Wake of the Ravager Ciy Sun Online: Wednesday, 1st October, Various elements of the game were revised for the collection; the setting was enlarged to better suit the needs of a typical high-level game. Asylum By Christopher Perkins, Dungeon This article needs additional citations for verification.

Tuesday, 16th November, After retracing his steps shac,led a jungle, a giant-controlled cavern, and an otherworldly maze, they must face the demonic architect of the area’s strife.

Reset Fields Log in. With 15 reviews, this is the 39 most reviewed product. For a veteran DM willing to add some of his own personal touches, though, this adventure really has the potential to be a memorable campaign that will be talked about for years.

Retrieved from ” https: I don’t remember much of the plot but I do remember it was fun. Following their warning from a dying paladin to “seek the sign of the smoking eye”, a mysterious plane-wanderer asks for their help in completing a series of tests to redeem tue abandoned layer of the Abyss. It was a bit of a slog.

Spewing lava, earthquakes, and collapsing buildings draons the heroes help to get everyone evacuated.

The Shackled City Adventure Path | RPG Item | RPGGeek

March — November original seriesAugust collected edition. Fortunately, there are plenty of wonderful player-created resources out there to embellish the AP, many of which are truly top-notch.

After assaulting the temple and fighting its undead inhabitants, they are led to an ancient frozen spell weaver complex, where a powerful oracle is guarded by a horrific undying dragon. Originally appearing separately in issues 97 through of Dungeon Magazine as eleven parts, the campaign has now been collated, organized, and updated for presentation as one whole campaign designed to take a party of first level characters right up to 20th level.


ShadowDenizen gave XP for this post. The trail leads to a slaver operating from Underdark passages below the city. Zenith has gone insane and is treated as ciyt by the kuo-toa frog-people shackldd captured him. Will their swords fragons spells be enough to save the Shackled City? Worse, demodands begin to emerge from a planar rift patj building, and a certain local dragon gets riled up by it all.

Shackled City is primarily set in the city of Cauldron. There are some places that really seem to beg for a little more attention, but any additional work put in by the DM will really make the AP shine. Peter Bergting, Stephen A. When the twisted mind of Adimarchus, imprisoned Demon Prince of Madness, leaks into Occipitus and begins resurrecting his followers, the heroes realize they must go to the otherworldly asylum of Skullrot where Adimarchus is imprisoned and destroy him utterly.