Dušan “Duško” Radović (29 November – 16 August ) was a Serbian children’s writer, Duško Radović works, including “Beograde Dobrojutro” (” Good morning Belgrade”) in translation · Little Theatre Duško Radović: ABOUT. Check out Beograde, Dobro Jutro – Dušan Radović by Dušan Radović on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on . Stream Beograde, dobro jutro – Duško Radović by blaeks from desktop or your mobile device.

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Tuesday, December 13, Dusko Radovic: True gifts are unique and don’t cost much. Everything else is a bribe. What is not measured by money? Only greatest, most beautiful, most important things in life. Those that love are awake. Those that are loved, still sleep. Could people be better?

They could, but nobody wants to be the first to start off.

Everyone’s got bad experiences. Have we not sworn not infrequently that we shall be better? And some indeed do become better, and they seem guileless. Because those other ones have become even worse.

Nobody’s got more than one life. But there are many of those that, beside their own, waste several other lives. Our ‘little’ could mean ‘a lot’ for those that have nothing. Share some of your wives and husbands with those beograed have none.

This morning the Sava River run into the Danube. The Danube into the Black Sea. The Black Sea into the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean into Atlantic Ocean and yet you again don’t know what to do with yourselves. Life is passing, and we don’t know what to do with it. We don’t want to be bothered or we don’t know how to live. We’d best like to give to someone else and enjoy observing how beautiful our life is when lived by another.


Duško Radović – Beograde, dobro jutro

Get in some fresh air, open the windows, the doors, chase the November smog from the house, the holiday smells of December, the dreariness of January—the heavenly drizzle brings to us the young, fresh air from the snow-covered Carpathian ploughfields. Yesterday someone found something that he was not looking for. What he was looking for, was found by somebody else. Before you start out to look for happiness, double check—perhaps you are happy already. Happiness is small, ordinary, hard to notice and many are incapable of seeing it.

You worth is only in the measure others need you. There’s so little love among people. He and She who knows how to love, shouldn’t be doing anything else. Having friends means accepting that there are people more handsome, smarter, better ones than yourself. Those that cannot accept this —have no friends.

Love each other even when you are not together, that is true love. Those that love only when being together, don’t care who is there as long as there’s someone. Not much is needed to live. For the unhappy life, life demands much more. You say, life is tormenting you, yet we think it is you who torment, find fault and demean life.

S he who can feel the joy —has something to be joyous about. Every hardship that connects us is good yet every good that separates us is not good.

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Good morning,Belgrade!/Beograde,dobro jutro! | Dusko Radović… | Flickr

Mums, give birth to sisters, for one day sisters become aunts, and aunts are the most beautiful, irreplaceable gift to every Childhood. Young educators in Belgrade’s daycare centers, this morning will surely read the fairy tales to children. These are the melancholy tales of —what always happens to princesses, and yet never to educators.

Children, imagine what you would: There are, among our children, those of great need—for to them, except for the money, their parents could give nothing else.

Love your children even when they are wrong; because life will be punishing them even when they are right. Start spanking your kids the moment you notice they start resembling you.

Blessed are the grandmas and grandpas with grandchildren. Woe is us with the children.

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It’s better to be somebody’s baba, than just any baba. We were better off when we were kids than now that we have them. Dksko are ill-mannered and ungrateful.

Yesterday a parent sighed at the duskk council meeting: His daily musings, Good Morning, Belgrade Dobro jutro, Beograde broadcast on Radio Belgrade every morning at 7am, with his unmistakable raspy voice, became instantly recognizable and quotable parts of the local cultural lore.

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