This manual provides documentation for the following instruments: EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3. This manual provides documentation for the following instruments: PSA Series. EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). This manual provides documentation for the following instruments: EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3.

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E4440A PSA Spectrum Analyzer, 3 Hz to 26.5 GHz

Viewing Traces 1, 2, and 3 Step 2. Page 75 Table Line voltage does not need to be selected. Turning on the Analyzer for the First Time Plug in the power cord. In this example you will save a trace to the internal C: Each softkey More has several characters on it. Sales and Service Office and are listed below. These features are only available when e44400a options are installed.

While not all of the zeros following the decimal in the active function block are significant, the numbers after the decimal in the marker annotation upper-right corner of screen are significant. If you wish to verify this condition, remove the signal input.

Agilent Technologies E4440A Getting Started Manual

In Case of Difficulty Before calling Agilent Technologies, however or returning an analyzer for serviceperform the quick checks listed in the problem. For a complete list of spectrum analyzer messages, see the Instrument Messages and Functional Tests manual. Put a formatted floppy in the A: Firmware Revision Firmware Revision To view the firmware revision of your analyzer, press call Agilent Technologies regarding your analyzer, it is helpful to have this revision and the analyzer serial number available.

Directories are displayed as DIR and drives have nothing listed under Type:. Page 44 Viewing Catalogs and Saving Files The analyzer stores r4440a retrieves data similarly to the way that a personal computer PC does: WARNING If this product is to be energized via an external auto transformer for voltage reduction, make sure that its common terminal is connected to a neutral earthed pole of the power supply.

  LEI 10865 PDF

Front and Rear Panel Features Key Overview In other key menus, one key label will always be highlighted to show which key has been selected but the manua is immediately exited when a selection is made.

Also, listen for internal fan noise to determine if the analyzer cooling fans are running.


Front-panel keys that are white perform an immediate action rather than bringing up a menu. Please read it and become familiar with its terms. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Item Description Data invalid indicator Status message area Key menu title Softkey menu Frequency span or stop frequency Sweep time Video bandwidth Frequency offset Display status line Resolution bandwidth Center frequency or start frequency Internal preamp Auto alignment routine status Trigger or Trace Average Display line annotation The numeric keypad is also available for the filename. If your analyzer is covered by a separate maintenance agreement, please be familiar with its terms.

Ordering Options And Accessories Options and Accessories Ordering Options and Accessories Ordering Options and Accessories Options and accessories help you configure the analyzer for your specific applications, and enable you to use the analyzer. Press If the previously performed alignments did not resolve the problem, press Alignments Restore Align Defaults Is the analyzer displaying an error message? Power Requirements Power Requirements The only physical installation of your Agilent spectrum analyzer is a connection to a power source.

Contacting Agilent Technologies Online assistance: Options And Accessories Options and Accessories This chapter lists options and accessories available for your analyzer.


Used Agilent EA

Accessories Sales and Service Office and are listed below. EaEaEaEa. Please be as specific as possible about the problem.

This symbol indicates the input power required is AC. Copying a File 1. This manual provides documentation for the following instruments:.

CAUTION The analyzer is shipped with a a transportation disk inserted in the disk drive to prevent damage to the disk drive during transportation. If packing foam is not available, the best alternative is S. Installation and Setup Turning on the Analyzer for the First Time If using LAN, set the IP address of the analyzer to an appropriate number for your network one that the network recognizes, but that is not yet in use: Surround the equipment with three to four inches of packing material and prevent the equipment from moving in the carton.

Page 80 Index personality options not in instrument power amplifiers preamplifiers preset factory types user, creating printer setup probes AC and DC product information rear panel symbols rear panel features reference level, setting reference, turning on 10 MHz rename files RF limiters File Menu Functions This chapter describes how to use the functions located under the front-panel Data storage and retrieval are handled similarly to that of personal computers PCs.

To be implemented in future firmware upgrade.

Page 41 Improving Frequency Accuracy This symbol is used to indicate the Mxnual position of the power button. The front-panel keys are dark gray, light gray, green, or white in color. Select the type of file you want to rename setup, state, trace, limits, screens, or corrections.

The entry fields show the parameters for the files viewed.