Eccrine hidradenoma is a rare benign cutaneous neoplasm, believed to arise from the distal excretory duct of the eccrine sweat glands [1]. Because a. Hidradenoma refers to a benign adnexal tumor of the apical sweat gland. Another name for tumors that were previously believed to strictly derive from specific sweat gland types may, in fact, derive from both eccrine or apocrine glands. Hidradenoma is a cutaneous, often benign tumour of the sweat glands. Also known by various other names such as nodular hidradenoma, eccrine acrospiroma.

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Under maximal stimulation, the body can produce 3 litres of eccrine sweat per hour.

Pathology Outlines – Hidradenoma / eccrine acrospiroma

Self-skin examination New smartphone apps to check your skin Learn more Sponsored content. This is an open-access article distributed under the eccrnie of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited Visit for more related articles at Journal of Patient Care View PDF Download PDF.

DermNet NZ does not provide an online consultation service. Clearcell cecrine report of three cases with widespread metastases. Eccfine are typically found on the fingers, palms, toes or soles. The differential diagnoses considered were hydatid cyst, soft tissue sarcoma, or desmoid tumour on the basis of clinical and radiographic examination.

Review Article Open Access. These findings were consistent with a malignant tumor of the salivary gland. He had difficulty opening his mouth and closing his right eyelid. Rook’s Textbook of Dermatology 8th ed.

The microscopy revealed that the resected skin margins were free from tumour. Poromas may arise on any skin surface but those with eccrine differentiation are most commonly found on the palms, soles and scalp.


Eccrine hidradenoma is typically characterized by two types of cells: However, a case of a benign giant eccrine hidradenoma infiltrating the deeper structures beyond the muscle layer to the cranial base has not been reported thus far.

In general, it is biphasic and is characterized by an admixture of polygonal epithelial and spindle-shaped myoepithelial elements in a background stroma. Treatment involves surgical excision of the entire lesion. Names used to describe poromas include:. Solid areas were grey white.

Hidradenoma: A Skin Adnexal Tumour, Case Report and Literature Review

True cut biopsy was attempted and was also inconclusive. Soft tissue scan of the anterior abdominal wall was done to evaluate the extension of the tumour into the abdominal wall and also to obtain the echogenic characteristics. A clinicopathologic study hkdradenoma nine patients.

Find articles by Chung Hun Kim. It is commonly seen in adults. The sections showed a well circumscribed lobulated tumour predominantly in the dermis. Poroid hidradenoma refers to a hybrid lesion with features of hidradenoma and poroma. A physical examination revealed a loss of forehead wrinkles, eyebrow ptosis, mild ectropion of the lower eyelid, and mild depression of the mouth corner on the right side of his face, which were consistent with facial nerve paralysis House-Brackman grade IV Fig.

Neoplasms of the nailbed. Historically spiradenomas have been designated under the eccrine lineage, but are now thought to be more closely related to the apocrine lineage, because:. Further, there was a lack of circumscription, deep extension, infiltrating growth pattern, perineural invasion, and regional metastasis of the tumor mass.

Sweat gland lesions | DermNet NZ

On examination a deeply pigmented pedunculated ulcero-proliferative lesion was noted on the right lower anterior abdominal wall measuring 7. Benign Nodular Hidradenoma is known by many names such as solid cystic hidradenoma, clear cell myoepithelioma, eccrine sweat gland adenoma, large cell hidradenoma and eccrineacrospiroma. FNAC was attempted twice to establish a diagnosis before surgical removal but was inconclusive as it yielded only a hemorrhagic aspirate. We describe two patients with scalp MNH with brain parenchymal invasion.


Infobox medical condition All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March All stub articles. When tumors show malignant characteristics, they are known as hidradenocarcinoma.

A differential diagnosis of soft tissue sarcoma like dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans was considered so was hidradenoma. A computed tomography CT scan revealed a large mass occupying the parotid space, masticatory space, and temporal region with infiltration into the temporalis muscle. There was no pain associated with the swelling. Clear cell nodular hidradenoma involving the lymphatic system: There are two types of sweat glands: Home Publications Conferences Register Contact.

This tumour can occur at any age, but is commonly seen in the fourth decade of life.

Atypical and malignant hidradenomas: How to cite ecfrine article: One report explained the mechanism of metastasis of benign tumors: Because a consensus has not been reached regarding its histogenesis, eccrine hidradenoma is also known as nodular hidradenoma, clear cell hidradenoma, eccrine acrospiroma, and eccrine sweat gland adenoma.

They may also appear darker than surrounding skin. It occurs commonly in middle-aged and older adults, and can be found anywhere on the body without predilection for a particular site [ 2 ]. Hidradenoma Micrograph showing an acrospiroma. Hence all efforts hidradenoka be made to obtain pre-operative histopathological diagnosis.