ECOPROBE 5 – rs Read more about calibration, measured, from, locality, with and ecoprobe. ECOPROBE 5 Portable IR/PID gas analyzer A new dimension in detection of contaminant indicators. Soil Contamination Survey Gas from the pore space in. RS Dynamics – ECOPROBE 5 – In-Situ Soil Contamination Surveys Devices by RS Dynamics. These products combine the advantages of advanced excellent.

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Age eccoprobe a contaminant: It is not recommended for the eocprobe soil vapour survey since factors like moisture, presence of methane, under-pressure may influence the results. RS cable or infra-red interface Data Format: Author- – Last modified by: Age of a contaminant All petroleum products experience some degree of natural biodegradation process in the subsurface environment.

Skip to main content. GPS logger enables fast and accurate mapping of large sites. Effectiveness in the detection and monitoring of contaminant spills and plume migration is substantially enhanced by the incorporation of ancillary data. The TP channel measures petroleum hydrocarbons including Methane.

GPS consists of 24 satellites in predictable orbits around the earth.

RS DYNAMICS The Complete Solution for In-Situ Soil Contamination Surveys ECOPROBE ppt download

Presence of Methane of nature origin: The PID channel indicates contamination from a wide spectrum of volatile organic compounds excluding Methane. You save by having fast, reliable and precise data! After a certain period of time the spectral composition of contaminants will dramatically change; moreover, some contaminants may become morphologized, that is: And their quality is top notch.


Course of measurement on one site Graphic results using graphic softwares – Grapher, Surfer etc.

RS Dynamics

In contrast to sand, clay is able to donate vapor phase for a much shorter period of time and it is obvious that frequently used integral measurements result in evoprobe values by several orders.

Liquid organic materials including hydrocarbons mainly petroleum products and chlorinated hydrocarbons industrial solvents, metal-cutting oils etc.

Ecoprobe 5 is calibrated for Isobuthylene Isobuthylene represents the most suitable gas which is also used in laboratory gas chromatographs. Immediate on screen graphic results: Interchangeable ion lamps Here is what you get… Wide-spectrum PID and 4-channel selective IR soil analytical system plus a powerful computer, all-in-one, highly portable case! Gas Chromatograph shows ecopdobe carbon distribution. There is truly something for everyone!

Values from all channels for a particular line?

Fast and cost effective identification of relative concentration cloud, contaminant sources, path and the range of contaminated area. The system provides hour positioning information. Here is what you save… Costly lab analyses are now a thing of the past! Graphic results using Ecoprobe Plus communication software 1. Ultra-high sensitivity of both the IR and PID analyzers enables identification of even traces of contamination! A powerful surface data logging system for transparent and fast 3-D graphic visualization.

Soil Contamination Survey The identical quantity of contaminant is mixed into the samples sand clay.


The composition of this phase, in particular the presence of organic compounds, reveals vital information about pollution of the subsurface contaminant. Bioscope is a portable real-time respirometer that provides.

Soil Contamination Survey The air is sucked into the probe ecoptobe continuously analyzed in the instrument. Click to allow Flash. Soil permeability may dramatically influence the measured value of concentration of the free SV phase.

ECOPROBE 5 – PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Application of PID Analyzer. PID Photo-ionization analyzer measures total level of volatile organic compounds VOCs and other toxic gases including chlorinated hydrocarbons to sub-ppb levels with the following characteristics: Responses to other compounds are different.

Immediate recognition between old and recent contamination! For more details please visit us at: Portable and compact highly sensitive gas analyzer providing cost-effective and reliable in-situ results.

On-line data transfer from Ecoprobe 5 to the computer Communication software for transferring data to a computer and for basic graphic evaluating of measured data.

Automatic monitoring station — just preset the sampling interval and leave the instrument wherever needed. Metabolite Profiling – a column s in the GC gas chromatograph unit. Lighter HC are more readily degraded than the heavier compounds.