Les écoulements diphasiques peuvent s’organiser dans des configurations d’ écou- . pour l’amortissement diphasique dans les écoulements `a bulles et. Dans ce mémoire, on s’intéresse à la simulation des écoulements liquide-vapeur en transition de phase. Pour décrire ces écoulements, une approche bifluide. lumes Finis des écoulements diphasiques eau-vapeur. il n’existe pas de consensus sur la modélisation des écoulements diphasiques.

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This scheme does not need any analytical calculation and gives good results in the tracking of shocks. These fractures were formed and percolated under a particular tectonic regime that controls their orientation. The formulae proposed by WAPD and CISE do not give a satisfactory estimation of the critical heat flux, and the essential reasons for this inadequacy are explained.

This work deals with the numerical simulation of turbulent flows in the whole nuclear reactor core, using multi-scale approaches. As a result a detailed study has been made of the work of C. We discretize the equations with a finite volume scheme, and perform extensive numerical tests to compare the different methods.

les ecoulements diphasiques: Topics by

Domain decomposition methods for flows in faulted porous media; Methodes de decomposition de domaine pour les ecoulements en milieux poreux failles. Transport diphasique de gaz et de condensat.

These experiments have permitted to determine the laws of evolution of the various parameters characterizing the flow circulation mass flow rate, vapour mass flow rate, vapour quality, friction coefficient, two phase heat transfer coefficient and the critical heat flux as a function of the applied heat flux. Il comporte certaines recommandations en vue de recherches futures indispensables et donne des conseils sur la facon de minimiser les effets de deversements de petrole dans le milieu marin canadien.

This work indicates the influence of the surface roughness on the fluid flow as well as the propagation of the alteration. In the first case, one gets on the wall an annular liquid film and droplets in suspension are in the gas stream.


The heat transfer parameters were determined experimentally in electrically heated tube bundles for turbulent flow parallel to the axis. The water velocity in the test section was between 1. Les changements climatiques et l’urbanisation menacent les Un programme de bourses de recherche du CRDI appuie les recherches novatrices et renforce le leadership futur et les connaissances sur les TIC, les Calculations are made, with simplifying hypotheses in the case of Melusine.

Les mesures sont effectuees a D du point d’injection du gaz, dans une conduite de This film may breaks down into micro droplets of less than few micrometers in diameter. Equations aux variables locales instantanees et conditions d’interface; 2. This fact would make easier the use of this process of heat transfer in a channel of a reactor.

Les non-usages des TIC. Des rugosites du type ‘interrupteur de couche limite’ etaient realisees au moyen de filets triangulaires, de 0,2 a 0,4 mm de hauteur usines dans l’epaisseur du tube ou de fils de laiton, ou de verre, enroules sur un tube lisse. Differentes methodes impliquant differents niveaux de modelisations sont necessaires pour les differentes phases de developpement du projet.

The authors have therefore developed a method consisting of the introduction of a calculated amount of sodium into the boiler water. Volume 38, Number 2March-April During the shutdown, since the temperature decreases in the pipeline, the gel-like structure builds up and the main difficulty concerns the issue of restarting. The main part of this study is devoted to the design of Robin interface conditions and to the formulation of the interface problem.

On a mis en evidence trois types de bulles: Lastly, the Martinelli and Nelson method may be used to an approximation of diphawiques per cent for the calculation of charge losses.

Les supraconducteurs en courant alternatif. Both parks are of considerable interest in terms of their landscaping and their botany. This book of proceedings contains 8 papers entitled: Winter School Les Houches. Results show that reduced upstream pressure is the main parameter, thus indicating that a model can be validated using minimal fluids.


I for the global two-phase flow parameters and II for the local two-phase flow parameters. ELM instabilities trigger violent quasi-periodical ejections of matter and heat that induce quasi-periodical relaxations of the transport barrier called relaxation oscillations. The organization called ” Les Impatients” was founded in Temperature measurements in scoulements flows eventually reactive, multi-phase Les caracteristiques de la cellule moyenne representative de chaque point de fonctionnement en sont deduites: Combustion instabilities can lead to loss of control or even complete destruction of the system.

The flux shows a maximum as a function of unsaturation. Regard sur les Lazarets en Terre Canadienne.

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Pipelining crude oils that contain large proportions of paraffins can cause many specific difficulties. These closure laws comply with ecoulemeents entropy inequality. Real fractures in a rocky mass are characterised by non parallel, flat and thus overlapped walls. On a etabli un modele de variation continue du taux de vide dans un canal. Est-il dans le monde ou le contient-il?

First, a theoretical thermodynamic framework is constructed to describe the liquid-vapor mixing. This thesis deals with hyperbolic models for the simulation of compressible two-phase flows, to find alternatives to the classical bi-fluid model. The development of a multidimensional dual-fluid model encounters two problems: The first one relies on a complete resolution of the Navier-Stokes equations on a refined grid close to the wall making it possible to rebuild the temperature fluctuations near the wall.

These types of knowledge are at play on two levels: Finally, a theoretical analysis of the phenomenon is given as well as ecooulements of application.

Two-phase gas-liquid flows were analyzed so as to develop models for prediction of pressure drops in crude-oil production lines. We consider pressure diffusion in fractured edoulements, with application to well test interpretation.