Edward Topsell was born in Sevenoaks, Kent and baptised in He matriculated as a sizar at Christ’s College, Cambridge in , and graduated BA in. Author: Topsell, Edward, ? Title: The history of four-footed beasts and serpents describing at large their true and lively figure, their several names. Edward Topsell Source for information on Edward Topsell: Science and Its Times: Understanding the Social Significance of Scientific Discovery.

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Out of Pliny, Celsus, Scaliger.

Edward Topsell |

Of the Shoulder pight. Of the Marder, Martel, or Marten. Of fighting in War upon Horses. Of the Reyner, or Rainger. And finally, of the four times, belonging to every sickness. The Preamble or Entrance into the Treatise following. Of the pains in the Eyes. Of the Prasyan Apes.

File:Edward Topsell, The Historie of Foure Footed Beasts Wellcome L0028393.jpg

Of load or Pack-horses. Those kinde of Flies that follow are more rare. Of the diseases of Swine.

Published tpsellThe History of Four-Footed Beasts and Serpents depicts both real and fantastical creatures in detailed woodcuts. Of the heat in the mouth and lips. Of the diseases of the Guts of a Horse, and first of the Colick. Of the diseases in the throate and lungs, and why the griefs of the shoulders and hips be not mentioned before amongst the griefs of the withers and back. Of the Norvegian Monsters. He completed his studies at Cambridge University in Of the DOG in general.


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He does, however, express skepticism regarding the Hydra. Of the Cold in the Head. A drink for the Strangullion or Glanders.

Of the Diet of Horses, and their length of life. How to know when a Horse halteth before in what part his grief is.

Retrieved from ” https: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4. Of the Fever in Summer season. Of hurts in the Legs, that cometh by casting in the halter or collar.

Edwatd of the Colt Evil. Another of the Pains. Out of Aetius, and Paulus Aegineta. The Medicines of a Wolf. How to save Horses from the stinging of flies in Summer.

Of the mattering of the Yard. Viking Press Topsell, Edward, ed. Of the Bladders in a Horses mouth, which our old Farriers were wont to call the Gigs. Of the Diseases in the Head. Another medicine for the Scabs.


Of the natural disposition of Horses. Another of the same. The picture of the Lizard topseol the belly upward. A certain and sure way to cure those who either have been poysoned, invenomed, or bitten by them. Another of the Head-ach. This waiver does not extend to any page images or other supplementary files associated with this work, which may be protected by copyright or other license restrictions.

The Remedies out of a Wilde Goat. Refer to Wellcome blog post archive. Of the signes of sickness in general.