YOKOGAWA EJAA, EJAA Absolute and Gauge Pressure Transmitters EJAA/HAC general specifications · EJAA and EJAA User’s Manual. Yokogawa Dpharp vigilantplant EJAA Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Yokogawa Dpharp vigilantplant EJAA User Manual. Jun 9, Regarding This Manual. • This manual should be provided to the end user. • The contents of this manual are subject to change without prior.

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Use proper tools for all operations. Press the SET D Also make sure before storing that the transmitter assemblies are securely mounted. To test for such effects, bring the transceiver in use slowly from a distance of several meters from the transmitter, and observe the measurement loop for noise effects.

Fluoro-rubber O-ring All O-rings of amplifier housing.

Setting Calibration Range Unit C Press the enter the setting. Select the type of valve most appropriate for the application. Set a Tag No. Select the one having a pressure range close to that of the transmitter. B40 shows an approximate value of maximum pressure for the capsule. Span may be adjusted locally using the digital indicator with range switch.


Yokogawa EJA115 User Manual

Even if the BT power supply is turned off or the communication cable is disconnected during test output, it is held for approximately 10 minutes.

Even test voltages that do not cause visible damage to the insulation may degrade the insulation and reduce safety margins.

Ground terminals are located on the inside and outside of the terminal box. Zero point can be adjusted by simple key operation of the BT NO Are power supply voltage and load resistance correct?

User`s Manual Model EJAA and EJAA Absolute |

Differential pressure transmitters P: This product was mmanual on Dec 29, Set the output status to LOW when a hardware error occurs. Sets three data items: Press the [F4] OK key to release test output immediately. Errors And Countermeasures Then, unpack the transmitter there to avoid damage on the way.

Communication distance varies depending on type of cable used.

The following precautions must be observed in order to safely operate the transmitter under pressure. Refer to the installation diagram Note 4. Parameter Usage And Selection When all items have been confirmed, press the again.


Calibration Range Setup Displaying Mxnual Using the BT Set the correction value, 1.

If the output signal exhibits wide fluctuations hunting due to periodic variation in the process pressure, use BT to dampen the transmitter output signal.

Exercise care so as not to directly touch the electronic eja530w or circuit patterns on the board, for example, by preventing static electrification by using grounded wrist straps when handling the assembly.

EJA530A In-Line Mount Gauge Pressure Transmitter (DISCONTINUED)

Write protection switch is attached for Output code E. Then insert the CPU board assembly straight onto the post in the amplifier case. Installing Impulse Piping OK The higher range value is changed while the span remains constant. Setting User-set Engineering Unit D