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In the Mexican Constitution was reformed and takat certain ban on religion was lifted. I want to go abroad as you said and see if what you taught me really works there.

Jodorowsky’s Experience with Ejo Takata – Reality Sandwich

The peasants cleared the mountain near their village and planted a field eno soy beans. The prayers cough and sneeze. He had no intention to do social work, just being grateful for takaat food he had been served when he arrived. But reality was not always so smooth; in those times he was accused of being a revolutionary. Among them, an old dying lady accepted it as her only food. Takata Ejo and Talata Francisco: These courses were nourished by ongoing clinical experience with about twenty thousand patients, each one with data methodically gathered, registered, and used for statistics and diffusion.

This active method is based on discussion and organizing opinions systematically. As patients gathered he would teach his friends. Mexican people would say of him that he was actually tqkata Mexican who for some reason happened to be born in Japan.

So he introduced a modernized method of guided development of the group based on the ancient means of the Chinese monk Tozan Ryokai for the teaching of Zen. I just try to meditate, barely daring to breathe.


Before long the Archbishop of Mexico, Cardinal Dario Miranda, invited him to participate at the ecumenical message opening the Olympic games of If the lesson has been understood, the entire earth becomes a temple, every man becomes a priest, and every food is a Communion host. There was the vision of searching a new medicine which combines modern western resources with eastern and local traditional ones as recommended by the World Health Organization.

Yamada Mumon Roshi came to visit in and 73; together they went to the indigenous peasant village of Ayautla, km south of Mexico city where Mumon Roshi left a pilgrim’s hat and a pair of straw sandals and planted some tea seedlings, he had brought from Japan. He took out a straw chair and brought it. When the master prayed, his words produced a musical vibration.

Ejo Takata – Wikidata

With the years they went on to build the first acupuncture school of Latin America, with a registration with the Government. I do not thank you. Nobody gets enlightened by reading it and foreigners cannot even read it anyway. By that time, there were zazen groups in three universities and two other places where he sat regularly. He used up this energy till the last hours of his life, receiving people at his hospital bed and giving them some words without any concern of his own decaying body.

When the self ceases to exist, the world exists. Takata Ejo Osho died in Mexico city on June 16,at the age of He advertised it, not out taiata vanity but to avoid any inner gain for himself. Now I have it, so take it away from me. The master strikes him on the head. The disciple becomes enlightened.

On the grounds in the countryside a zendo for retreats was built eejo a stupa in his memory is actually under construction. The master invited the disciple to sit in the garden. He passed through the four corners of the zendo, and through all the places where people meditated.


Another three thousand miles from USA to Mexico without money. Only thus would you have truly given it to me. Man must break dreams. He wanted to do good without asking for anything in return.

ejo takata

The master only took off his shoes when he sat in his place. But we have great fighting spirit, like the general Anaya. Throughout his prayers, the master coughs and sneezes. Also some persons from the indigenous villages were trained to bring service to takatw villages. I ask him what they mean. Allow me to refuse your gift.

After twenty years of work, more than seven hundred medical doctors and health practitioners had received a course in acupuncture. Everything else, the world, is the essential sound of emptiness. Our school is very poor, nearly no resources. Man must have dreams. On their way to serenade the President in the capital they petitioned him out. One day my hands will blossom, and I will not need a cane because I will be able to strike your shoulder with my palm and with my fingers.

During his lifetime in Mexico Takata Ejo Osho deeply respected and adapted to Mexican tradition and custom. Once he wrote a poem about it:. He had dirtied his feet. At this occasion he said: Like a fallen leaf driven by the autumn wind.

Once he said to a close friend: Organizing work in this way builds upon mutual interest and benefit.