More info on the Electrix Repeater than anyone could ever want, and more is on its way! Electrix Repeater manual pdf – from the Electrix site. The uniquely styled Electrix carton should containÉ o Electrix Repeater o Warranty Card o Repeater User Manual o International Switching Power Supply ( with a. Documents, presets, manuals Electrix Repeater MKII – Audiofanzine.

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Start Free Trial or Sign In to see what it’s worth. Imagine a band that utilizes Repeaters, allowing them to loop themselves, then move on and overdub additional parts. We cannot guaranty that Repeater will work with any other brands of CFC card. Each Repeater loop is actually made up of a 4-track recording.

You can always return to the tempo the loop was recorded at by pressing Stop and Tap Tempo at the same time. The pitch change range without changing tempo is two octaves down to one octave up. MIDI clocking syncs Repeater to an external sequencer another no-brainerand Beat Detection offers a way to have already-recorded loops in Repeater “follow” a live drummer or sync to music from any CD or turntable.

Users simply build a mqnual of tracks with panning, effect inserts, etc. Related Manuals for Mxnual Repeater No related manuals. This saves memory space repeatrr you are not recording any new information, just adding more looping points. Electrix Repeater Home Page. Start Free Trial Sign In. I have been using these loopers in my live show for the last electriix years as a solo musician and absolutely swear by them.

Beat Detection also identifies the tempo of your incoming audio and synchronizes the internal clock so that loop points are quantized. If In different cases this could cause Repeater manuall speed the loop up to resync the beats.


Page 7 Reverse Play is a fun way to realize reverse solos and ambient textures.

Electrix Repeater Manual

Press Play to re-trigger the loop on the downbeat or press the Tap Tempo once to realign the beats. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Overdubbing with automatic level reduction is clever– again, no brain power or extra work mixing together subsequent layers. This item includes a 16mb memory card not pictured for storing your loops, a handy tool if you’ve nailed that intro! Using an amp with an effects loop It is best to plug Repeater into the Effects Loop of your amp if it has one. While the metronome is playing.

electrlx The new loop needs time to load about a half a secondso prepare a little early for your loop transition.

Page 2 This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and Electrix, a div. Repeater commentary from the Looper’s Delight Mailing List Archive – this is a search for just the first 3 months after shipping. The range of the tempo control may be limited record, re-sample, pan, pitch, slip, and FX insert all by the speed of the storage device.

This means that in its current state, you cannot remove the outputting sound of channel 1 using the fader on the unit. Repeater identifies the beat and tempo of your input audio and uses it to drive Repeater’s internal clock which determines the tempo of any recorded loop. I am selling my backup Electrix Repeater unit. Repeater are Sandisk, Simple technologies, Kingmax and our own cards. Any questions, go for it.


Loop sync | Electrix Repeater User Manual | Page 29 / 48

Page 14 Using an amp with an effects loop It is best to plug Repeater into the Effects Loop of your amp if it has one.

Don’t show me this message again. Press the Sync button to toggle through your sync modes:. Power Up On power up.

Other Media Files : Electrix Repeater

Repeater User’s Comments at Harmony Central. Pull back the connector housing to insert the jack into Repeater. A large LED shows what’s going on at all times, and there are rotary Loop and Tempo controllers for selecting loops and editing parameters. Called Feedback Level, you can change this to any amount you’d like for any overdub. All in perfect sync with each other manuxl MIDI.

After just weeks of using Repeater, it has become my favorite new toy Stop and Record will flash. Repeater will stay in record and play until you press Record again. You can even move the trim point past zero to add silence to the beginning or end of msnual loop. To dis- engage the metronome press and hold Tempo Lock for 1 second. If you’re elecgrix, chances are you already know what this unit is and what it does. Repeater is designed to enable music creation without much cerebral pondering or forethought.