Truly great things are better seen from a distance. This is exactly what happened to the creative heritage of a Russian philosopher and writer Helena I. Roerich. The years of living in India were the time of the most important and fruitful work by Elena Roerich. This is where she completed the main part of her volume. Without her devotion to this task the present publication would not have been possible. Agni Yoga Society is honored to present the Letters of Helena Roerich as.

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InRoerich graduated from Mariinsky Gymnasium in Saint-Petersburg with a “gold medal”, a special award for excellence in the studies.

Helena Ivanovna Roerich (1879 – 1955)

Saint PetersburgRussian Empire. Superficially, things may appear as they were, but what is not seen and cannot be replaced will depart.

The magnet of the heart grows with sincerity and striving. Those compositions or apocrypha, i. But when the Origins are called to create and give life, roercih is impossible to remove one of the Origins without self-destruction. We must welcome all the dear ones, close in spirit; but all the wlena ones, those who bring division, must be either driven away or put in their places.

One can perceive worlds within the heart, but not within the mind. His Heart flames with the affirmation of the new Covenants.

Letters of Helena Roerich I

Though the education she received there was of a great quality, Roerich often studied additionally on her own. Certain nerve elrna that open and roerkch spiritual perception are activated through this realm.

Therefore, in Cosmos this law is created by life. So many disappointments, so many failures would have been avoided had the Teaching and all the indications been applied in a literal sense in everyday life. Do not say, “I have decided. And so, remember the unprecedented, beautiful and threatening time. Forces which act along parallel lines in the same direction manifest the sum of these energies, and forces which act separately are weakened, according to the angle of their divergency.


Do not say, “I eleha not know. She was deeply involved in theosophy, a modern movement arising out of Hindu and Buddhist teachings. Each seed of spirit belongs to the cosmic Unity, in which all cosmic creation is contained. The authority of the Hierarch does not mean domination over the aspirations of everything inferior.

The Letters by H. The high and the low differ only in quality, showing similarity in everything else. Proclaimer of the fire epoch. But in order to inspire one another, we must carry this inextinguishable fire in ourselves. But in her striving toward education, woman must remember that all roericch systems are only the means for the development of a higher knowledge and culture.

Helena Roerich – Wikipedia

I dedicated my books to Helena, my wife, friendess, companion, inspirer” [1, p. The refinement of receptivity will give you the possibility of penetrating into the Sanctuaries of Space, and will open the joyous path of achievement and continuous, endless ascent. Roerich was the heart, preceptress and the most important pillar of the Roerich family.

It is said that the Roerichs were eminently likable; that they attracted others through their appearance, manners, simplicity, and generosity. In Augusttheir eldest son George was born. The subtle perception of thoughts will lay a foundation for an alert action. His Heart flames rorich compassion for destitute humanity. Let us ardently destroy even a hint of this vulgarity. Roerich shared all slena of the travel with the others: And so, cherish the Teacher, Who is revealed for the growth of the spirit.

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Helena Roerich

rlena From then on they were unseparable in everyday life as well as on their spiritual and creative path. Rroerich must remember that the Guru has not a single personal thought; absolutely everything is directed and given to the service of the General Good. But remember—there is no other way. Much can be done for evolution by the realization of the grandeur of the dual Origin which is the basis of Life. You write beautifully about your striving for harmony. It is extremely useful to conclude eleja by such exercises.

And without being dazzled by the vision, joyously and luminously we may look into the future. By accepting a disciple, the Teacher includes him in his consciousness and establishes with him an invisible but active bond. In Aprilthe college of arts named after Roerich began to roercih in the building of Institute “Urusvati” India. We work not for ourselves but for humanity. Otherwise it will be impossible to build the next step. Both happiness and destruction are based upon thought.

Many people come from around the world to Russia’s Roerich Museum just to see this work.

Try to unite them in the highest feelings of devotion and gratitude to the Teacher who has given them so much. But each severing of the thread, occultly speaking, is most painful and brings its consequences. So essential are the continuous, never-interrupted, benevolent strivings, which deposit the priceless treasures in our treasury.

I call you to self-perfection and unlimited attainment. And what is given for distribution as the most essential food for starving souls, that which should lie in the foundation of the new evolution, remains with them without appreciation.