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The paper presents the current state and plans for development of the Baz Tech “Polish Technical Journals Contents” database.

Metallurgy for aluminium

It is created by 22 academic libraries and centers for scientific information. The project is coordinated by the Cracow University of Technology. The Baz Tech database, situated at http: The paper also describes the assumptions for the creation Technology for a Social Cause: Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Haiyan in the Philippines. They do not require any cooking or reheating before consumption.

Feedback from the recipients of the products was favorable, indicating that the RTE foods are useful as emergency relief ration. The Baz Tech database — integration and widening access. The Baz Tech base enables the access to scientific publications in Polish journals in the field of technical sciences, and as one of the resources of open science is available at the Virtual Library of Science. The paper presents the current state of Baz Tech as an introduction to the review of the development of the base in the direction of integration with other resources.

It points out the co-operation between ICM UW and journal publishers in the field of gaining full-text articles. It also discusses the formal procedures of the co-operation and the rules of proceeding within Konsorcjum Baz Tech. The implementation steps of key tools promotion: Shows the target groups, the expected results and contractors.

Indicated realised at the same time promotion activities, open access and increasing v Od bazy bibliograficznej do pe? W artykule przedstawiono baz? The article presents the Baz Tech da Haploinsufficiency of BAZ 1B contributes to Williams standartlqr through transcriptional dysregulation of neurodevelopmental pathways.

Advancements in protocols for neuron differentiation from induced pluripotent stem cells allowed us to elucidate the molecular circuitry underpinning the ontogeny of WS.

In patient-derived stem cells and neurons, we determined the expression profile of the Williams-Beuren syndrome critical standarlar genes and the genome-wide transcriptional consequences of the hemizygous genomic microdeletion at chromosome 7q Derived neurons displayed disease-relevant hallmarks and indicated novel aberrant pathways in WS neurons including over-activated Wnt signaling accompanying an incomplete neurogenic commitment.

Chromatin-immunoprecipitation ChIP-seq revealed BAZ 1B target gene functions are enriched for neurogenesis, neuron differentiation and disease-relevant phenotypes.

BAZ 1B contributes to regulating the balance between neural precursor self-renewal and differentiation and the differentiation defect caused by BAZ 1B haploinsufficiency can be rescued by mitigating over-active Wnt signaling in neural stem cells. Altogether, these results reveal a pivotal role for BAZ 1B in neurodevelopment and implicate its haploinsufficiency as a likely contributor to the neurological phenotypes in WS.

Published by Oxford University Press. For Permissions, please email: Full Text Available Abstraks: BAZ adalah lembaga zakat yang dikelola oleh pemerintah, sedangkan LAZ adalah lembaga yang dikelola oleh masyarakat.

Artikel ini merupakan merupakan hasil penelitian lapangan dengan menggunakan pendekatan kualitatif. PCR and culture identification of pathogenic Leptospira spp. Leptospirosis is a zoonosis caused by pathogenic Leptospira spp. Most of the outbreaks of leptospirosis occur after floods caused by heavy rain in countries where Leptospira spp. It has been believed that the overflow of seawater rarely causes outbreaks of leptospirosis because the leptospires are killed by salt water.


The present study was carried out in order to determine whether the environmental leptospires in soil were able to survive after the storm surge in the affected areas. We collected 23 wet soil samples along the coastal areas of Tacloban and Palo 2 months after the storm surge. The samples were suspended in HEPES buffer, and the supernatants were cultured in liquid or semisolid Korthof’s medium supplemented with five antimicrobial agents to inhibit the growth of contaminants.

Leptospires were isolated from primary cultures of 22 out of 23 samples. The DNA of pathogenic Leptospira species was detected in 11 samples Eventually, two pathogenic Leptospira strains were isolated and showed the highest 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity to Leptospira kmetyi. When these isolates were experimentally mixed with soil, they were found to survive in seawater for 4 days.

nda review memo: Topics by

These results show the possibility that leptospires living in soil survived after the storm surge. Our findings may serve as a warning that when seawater inundates the land during a storm surge or a tsunami, an outbreak of leptospirosis could occur in the disaster-stricken area. Regulation of Stanadrtlar 1A and nucleosome positioning in the nucleus accumbens in response to cocaine. Chromatin regulation, in particular ATP-dependent chromatin remodelers, have previously been shown to be important in the regulation of reward-related behaviors in animal models of mental illnesses.

Here we demonstrate that BAZ 1A, an accessory subunit of the ISWI family of chromatin remodeling complexes, is downregulated in the nucleus accumbens NAc of mice exposed repeatedly to cocaine and of cocaine-addicted humans. Viral-mediated overexpression of BAZ 1A in mouse NAc reduces cocaine reward as assessed by conditioned place preference CPPbut increases cocaine-induced locomotor activation.

Furthermore, we investigate nucleosome repositioning genome-wide ellik conducting chromatin immunoprecipitation ChIP -sequencing for total H3 in NAc of control mice and after repeated cocaine administration, and find extensive nucleosome occupancy and shift changes across the genome in response to cocaine exposure.

These findings implicate BAZ 1A in molecular and behavioral plasticity to cocaine and offer new insight into the pathophysiology of cocaine addiction. Published by Elsevier Ltd. Full Text Available Current research on twentieth-century Spanish theater reveals a high number of historical plays, a tendency that has continued during the last five years. Some of the most significant writers currently writing for the stage are standarrtlar revising the recent past in their work.

Yague— thanks to the critical and commercial success of their Las manos Hands, a play about young people who live in a rural area of Spain during the decade of the s. The study of the play’s themes and its reception bring to light the reasons behind this historical recreation and the favorable response accorded it by critics and audiences. Particular attention is given to the contacts made with the publishers and the editorials which are the consequences of gathering the full text articles by the Consortium Baz Tech.

It discussed the issues like adding new journals to the database, especially in the context of their evaluation by standartlat Ministry of Science and Higher Edu Social marketing of the database is stxndartlar fairly new phenomenon in the scientific community. Does the product, that is bibliographical Baz Tech database, need community building around itself, the bond and permanent communication?

Full Text Available En este trabajo se analizan las formas que las mujeres herederas de los principios ilustrados utilizaron para conquistar la libertad femenina. The project aims to improve the “Polish Technical Journal Contents” Baz Tech which now is a database containing bibliographic details and abstracts from the Polish technical journals on engineering, technology, sciences and the environment.


The main aim of the project is indexing of references attached to all articles in the Baz Tech database. The proposed concept assumes organizational methods and technical solutions. The report analysis also another Polish citation databases. In this article we will try to answer the following questions: First we will offer data about the publication of the texts, second we will sketch the context of the social role of the Church in Belgium and Spain at the stndartlar of the century, and then we will analyse the chapters on social policy in the essay.

Her main source of information on the socialist movement is Le socialisme en Belgique, still a historical reference work. Populasyonun; ortalama total boyu Le naturalisme, arme de la rupture: The seem beautiful, staying nice have been extremely important for the people for ages.

Metallurgy for aluminium – [PDF Document]

Today demand for cosmetic products is increasing. But this interest brings up a question that cosmetics are dangerous for health elii not. Because even a simple hand cream contains a large number of chemical and this products threaten the health depending on the amount and frequency of use.

These chemicals have a high percentage of heavy metals. Purpose of the study, determination of heavy metals and their amounts in some cosmetics. We bought different brands and colored ten hair dyes and ten nail polishes from public market.

According to the results we determined lead. Projekt wprowadzania danych o pracach doktorskich i magisterskich do “Bazy danych o zawartosci polskich czasopism technicznych” Baz Tech http: The main aim of the project is to widen the existing document types to theses and dissertations.

The project is based on analysis theses and dissertations in participating insti In her novels, the economy gains a cultural tone with its virtualities of communication through symbolic elements. A comparison is then made with the current research of social anthropology xtandartlar the area, of which she is a forerunner and which her work endows with historical depth. A married woman should not have authority over her husband. Full Text Available This article presents principle and geomorphological applicability of summit level technique using Aster Gdem satellite-derived topographicdata.

Summit level corresponds to ztandartlar surface constituted bylocalhighest points, such as peaks and plateau leik, and reconstitutes palaeo-geomorphology before the drainage erosion. Summit level map is efficient for reconstitution of palaeo-surfaces and detection of active tectonic movement.

Base level is thevirtualsurface composed oflocallowest points, as valley bottoms. The difference between summit level and base eoik is eli, relief amount. Thesevirtualmapsareconstructed by theoriginalsoftware Baz.

Themacroconcavity index, MCI, is calculated from summit level and relief amount maps. The volume-normalised three-dimensional concavity index, TCI, is calculated from hypsometric diagram.

The diagram of TCI vs. MCI permits to distinguish erosive characteristics of massifs according to their constituent rocks. The base level map for ocean bottom detects the basement tectonic uplift which occurred before the formation of the volcanic seamounts. Mutation of critical amino acids within this surface abolishes RNA binding in vitro and in vivo.

A citation analysis of the research reports of the Central Mining Institute. Research Reports of the Central Mining Institute.