Emotional Vampires: Dealing with People Who Drain You Dry, Revised and Expanded 2nd # in eBooks | | | File type: PDF . Emotional Vampires has ratings and reviews. Greta said: Emotional vampires draw you in, then drain you. At first, emotional vampires look bette. “Emotional Vampires,” a term defined by Albert J. Bernstein, PhD in his book Emotional Vampires: Dealing with People Who Drain You Dry–are.

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Unfortunately, the execution is lacking. It amazed my that many vampiric types have serious mental disorde I am surrounded by them, they suck the energy right out of my day and I am left feeling drained and exhausted from exchanges with them. Do they need your attention all the time and expect you to put their needs before everything else in your life?

The universe is a cold and empty place when there is nothing in it bigger than your own need. Everything else is an unimportant detail. The way that I always saw the negative attributes in people. What you may not know is that all that attention to detail is designed to keep the Antisocial vampire inside safely contained. But there’s a fine line, isn’t there? I wish I had read this years ago the knowledge here is fabulous. It also gives reasons for the predator to prey as he does which gives the reader a compassionate understanding that helps connect This book is genius.

There’s a definite focus on the workplace, which makes some of the information less helpful when it comes to family and personal relationships. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. One of the most insightful lessons I walked away with was his six daily questions:. Excellent information about our energic fields and our intuition.


Get the Bully to stop yelling.

If all else fails, reduce contact with them or drop them from your life. They are reliable, rigid, preoccupied with details, suffer from emotional constipation, indecisive, and have lots of unacknowledged hostility, prone to being puritans.

Nevertheless, it shows the lighter side of the materials. I highly recommend this book for those who wish to live a happier life. Every type of vampire has its own favorite kinds dealingg tantrums.

Sounds True – Positive Energy Practices

B Do you have people in your life who seem to drain your energy? Mar 24, Kristin rated it really liked it Recommends it for: From daredevils to histrionics to antisocial bullies, he gives good examples of their draining behaviors and how best to survive them.

On Positive Energy Practices, she offers many life-saving prescriptions for transforming fatigue, stress, and fear into vibrance, strength, and love. And they think-ill of him in his absence. I’ve forgotten much of it is that they want to create a legion of super-independent zombies who don’t need anybody “No way, no how! All they want out of life is a good time, a little action, and immediate gratification of their every desire.

Your email address will not be published. I knew it even before I picked this book up from McGraw-Hill. I have chuckled a fair bit while reading Emotional Vampires. Refund requests over days from the purchase date will receive a check as funds cannot be returned to the credit card due to fraud protection policies.

When they drive other people crazy, they have personality disorders. Of all the vampires, Antisocials are the sexiest, the most exciting, and the most fun to be around. Another chapter or two to drill down on the sub-types and how to protect yourself from them. We cannot always eliminate toxic personality types from our day-to-day lives, however we can be mindful of their toxic behavior and how it affects us. Just as easily, they can rip that heart out and tear it to pieces—especially when it belongs to someone close to them whose only crime is being human.


We are going to find out. A practicing Buddhist, Dr. Don’t stand in the way of consequences to mostly self-destructive choices they make.

Emotional Vampires: Dealing With People Who Drain You Dry – By Albert J. Bernstein

Don’t worry there is a lot of help offered here wigh you. Description Samples Reviews Details Details What is the difference between having empathy and being an empath? These vampires love parties.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Do you find this review helpful? With advice and psychological perspective, it gives you a range of defense strategies against such creatures. May 07, Cherie rated it liked it Shelves: Aug 13, Kirsten rated it it was ok Shelves: Emotional vampires see themselves as the innocent victims of forces beyond their control.

Really helpful info on what to do. Peoole Paranoids really fear is the uncertainty at the center of their own souls. Paranoids draw you in with their perceptiveness; they see the confusing and uncertain details of life so clearly.

Do you know them?

And it is probably better to begin with this summary presentation before delving into a more elaborate exploration of the subject.