Find out all of the information about the Smith & Nephew product: ACL reconstruction suture button ENDOBUTTON. Contact a supplier or the parent company. The new ENDOBUTTON CL ULTRA and ENDOBUTTON DIRECT devices join our broad range of The Smith & Nephew XTENDOBUTTON™ Fixation. Device . ,18,23,24 Fixed-length cortical suspension devices such as the EndoButton ( Smith & Nephew Inc, Andover, Massachu- setts) have been shown in.

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Sign in Forgot Details? ACL reconstructions were performed on 20 cadaveric knees 10 matched pairswith an age range from 73 to 89 years, by use of a doubled semitendinosus and gracilis tendon graft.

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Smith & Nephew | Endobutton CL BTB fixation system | Which Medical Device

Have you used this device? Graft elongation after 1, cycles, stiffness, ultimate load, and mode of failure were determined for each specimen.

There were no differences found between the EndoButton Direct and EndoButton CL with regard to overall stiffness or elongation after cyclic loading. Registration is quick and free. Exoshape Soft Tissue Fastener Manufacturer: Only the femoral side and not the bephew side of the graft fixation complex bone-fixation device-anterior cruciate ligament [ACL] graft was examined in this study.


Reduced ultimate failure strength has implications in reconstructed patients if forces imparted on the ACL exceed the strength of graft fixation.

Femoral fixation solution for ACL reconstruction | Smith & Nephew – Corporate

Which Medical Device is a community of clinicians sharing knowledge and experience of the devices and procedures we use on a daily basis. It comes in a range of sizes from nepehw to 60mm in length. There was no significant difference in overall stiffness or graft elongation after 1, cycles between the 2 fixation devices. Registration gives you smtih access to all of the features of WhichMedicalDevice. The Endobutton anchors in the cortex of the femur and the graft is then tensioned and an interference fit obtained in the tibial cortex.

All graft fixation complexes were subjected to 1, loading cycles. Ten knees underwent femoral tunnel drilling from a standard anteromedial arthroscopic portal, and the EndoButton Direct was used for fixation. Your opinion matters to others – rate this device or add a comment. Similar Devices of 6.


ENDOBUTTON CL ULTRA | Smith & Nephew – US Professional

Ten knees underwent femoral drilling through a medial transtibial approach, and the EndoButton CL was used for fixation. We ask that our members register with us so that we can maintain the unbiased and independent nature of our content. The mean failure load was significantly higher for the EndoButton CL Morphix Suture Anchor System Manufacturer: The maximum load during ultimate failure testing was higher for the EndoButton CL with transtibial drilling when compared with the EndoButton Direct with anteromedial drilling.

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Eclipse Soft Tissue Anchor Manufacturer: For a list of PubMed articles about the Endobutton click here. Published by Elsevier Inc. Please sign in to view this content Registration is free and gives you unlimited access to all of the content and features of this website.

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