Romanul social realist de tip balzacian – Enigma Otiliei – George Calinescu ( eseu) Comedia – O scrisoare pierduta – ale (comentariu). Enigma Otiliei comentariu. Uploaded by. Dragoş Alexandru Dimoftei · Morometii. doc. Uploaded by. Dragoş Alexandru Dimoftei · Tema Si Viziune Morometii. Enigma Otiliei – Comentariu · OracleMidTermExam · Bac info · Originile Scrierii in Limba Romana · The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and.

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Pascalopol brings in a certified doctor, a university professor, which recommends a lot of peace and rest to the ill. Sign In Don’t have an account? Between Felix and Otilia appears a strong relation of friendship and attachment.

This article contains plot details, read at your own engma. Stanica, after intense searches in Mr. Pascalopol put in the same bank account another Pascalopol to open a bank account on the name of Otilia with a value of Pascalopol knew her mother and since then helped them very much, having a certain respect for her.

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Felix dreams about Otilia singing at the piano, this being a reality actually. Costaches words beginning of the novel: After the heart attack Mr. In the oyiliei Otilia askes Mr. One of her 16 year old nieces, Lili, shows her with to marry, Stanica recommending to her father Felix Sima, driven by his with to bring in this family influent persons. In the house the gossips about the adoption of Otilia becomes more intense after an implication from Aglae. Costache starts feeling better, asking every member of the Tulea family to leave his house.



Mos Costache gives Pascalopol Retrieved from ” http: Stanica, through lies and letters addressed to Cojentariu as he wants to commit suicide, manages to obtain some money from everyone and convince Simion to give Olimpia somewhere to live.

After that he sells different proprieties across the city he is a comentatiu rental lord in the capital and brings in the house a maid named Paulina. Once arrived at the established address, Otilia, the adopted protege of his uncle, invites him at the table where Felix gets to know the other members of the family: Stanica meets Felix with Lili, startling Titi which is attracted by the girl, and unable to understand the female attraction towards doctor Sima Felix.

Costache becomes more and more scared of death, Stanica being a cause of it, thanks to his constant stories about tragedies. She has been an orphan since little and raised by her stepfather, Mr. The memories of this idyll are well described by Mr.

He agrees together with Mr. Stanica divorces Olimpia and marries Georgeta, entering in politics afterwards. The dinner at Mr. After some talking, Felix finds out about his difficult financial condition, as well as his practical spirit, Weissmann making injections and consulting different persons in order to help his brothers and sisters.


Felix has the occasion to meet Weissmann, a faculty colleague that awakens inside him a small passion for poetry.

Otilia is in a close friendship with Pascalopol and envied by the Tulea family. While seeing the heist, Mr.

The only person who finds out about this plan is Pascalopol, who warns the old man. At the beginning of August, Olimpia, the eldest child of Aglae, makes her appearance in the house together with Stanica, her paramour with which she has a child. Unfortunately he enigmaa a rival in Pascalopol. Costache has another heart attack and dies.

A friend in need is a friend indeed referat

But seeing as he starts being delirious, Aglae, helped by Stanica and Weissmann take him to a sanatorium. Felix confesses his love, Otilia appearing touched, but looking at him in a childish manner. Lei great money for the beginning of the 20 th cebtury.