Bausch + Lomb has launched its new enVista glistening-free, hydrophobic acrylic IOL. The enVista lens represents a significant step forward in IOL technology. Bausch + Lomb announced the introduction of the enVista MX60E with StableFlex technology, the company’s next-generation hydrophobic. In mid, the Food and Drug Administration approved the enVista hydrophobic acrylic IOL (Bausch + Lomb). This lens is the only.

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Glistenings in the AcrySof intraocular lens: This is my favorite lens. Heiner also tested best-corrected visual acuity. Find a Job Post a Job.

The viscoelastic can be easily removed from behind the optic during the controlled unfolding of the enVista IOL.

enVista IOL

He notes that many surgeons are concerned about the presence of glistenings and the possible deleterious effects on quality of vision. The information contained on Beye. Bridgewater, NJ To date, I have only needed to YAG eight eyes, which corresponds to a 3.

Pearls and Pitfalls Sumitra S. This IOL is a ipl for both the surgeon and patients. Researchers found no evidence that contrast sensitivity was affected by the glistenings. I love this lens because it’s stable and very easy to put in the eye.

This is a refractive clear IOL that is used with ease through the small 2. Hard material that does not scratch on loading, inserting etc Full release of the enVista IOL is enviata way now that the coated insertion system has been approved.


The enVista is the best monofocal IOL without any vacuoles. Images courtesy Peter Heiner, MD. Allows for very easy viscoelastic removal under the IOL.

enVista IOL | Personal Eyes

Stephenson, some lenses can be damaged by the inserter or iool, but the enVista IOL resists abrasions. Unfolds a bit slower like the tecnis, but the only acrylic lens approved as glistening free by the FDA.

Related Articles Intraocular Lenses. Glistenings have also been known to reduce contrast sensitivity no longer an issue with this lens implant. Beye LLC, via its Editors and Publisher, accepts no responsibility for any injury or damage to persons or property occasioned through the implementation of any ideas or use of any product described herein.

Of the 15 IOLs with glistenings graded higher than trace, 14 93 percent had been in the envisfa for more than one year. This is the refractively clearest material I have ever worked with. These glistenings form within the superficial layer of an IOL, potentially causing some of the light coming into the eye to be scattered. Physician burnout appears to be on the rise. All of those 25 patients are within 0. Current treatments are saving eyes and lives.

It is a very nice IOL, and patients and surgeon are very satisfied. Glistenings, caused by fluid-filled microvacuoles that can form within an IOL, are abated by hydrating the lens to equilibrium water content and packaging the lens in 0.

The aspheric aberration-free optic allows for pristine postop visual outcomes and is especially helpful in post laser vision correction patients.


Inclusion of advertising materials on the website thereof, does not constitute and representation or guarantee by Beye LLC of the quality of such products, or of the claims made. She also notes that the lens does not move once it is in the eye. Of these patients, 25 are six weeks or more postop. The lens is scratch free so technicians loading the lens cannot even accidentally put a scratch in the optic. Optic Diameter mm 6. Seventy percent of those patients are within 0. The IOL is very easy to implant, very safe, and very comfortable for the surgeon.

She uses the WaveTec Vision Ora system in the operating room to help improve her outcomes. Excellent lens with no glistenings, very easy to insert, excellent toric platform, easy to load, folds controllably, and no scratching or chips.

Early clinical experience of a new hydrophobic intraocular lens. They have uniform power envistx the center to the edge, so if they lens gets decentered or tilted, it will not induce any aberrations. Cataract surgery was performed using the Stellaris phaco machine.

Cataract Surgery – enVista IOL

The new insertion system was designed to facilitate implantation through incisions as small as 2. The enVista lens two weeks postoperatively. Seeking the Greatest Biocompatibility.