“Ibalon is one of the only two epics that come from Christian Filipinos (the other one being the “Biag ni Lam-ang). The rest come from the non-Christian groups. Bantong, Handiong’s good friend, was ordered to kill the new monster in Ibalon. He took with him a thousand warriors to attack Rabot’s den. Read the following: The Three Heroes of Ibalon The epic tells the story of three Bicol heroes. Baltog, a mighty warrior of Batavara, came by chance upon the lush .

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A lofty mountain sank at Bato, forming a lake. What I picked up from this epic are some of the prominent characteristics of a bayani: Laws were set to insure protection of life and honor, and accord equality to all without distinction.

The Ibalon

They continued fighting until the defeat of the last Triburon. Upon knowing this, Baltog decided to look for this boar with all his courage and patient. Learn this Filipino word: He helped the people learn cooking, making pots called coronstoves, earthen jars, and other kitchen utensils.

Unknown Agosto 7, nang 6: Jessa Fernandez Marso 7, nang 9: They tamed the wild carabaos. Handiong and his men built towns. It was at this time that the savage monkeys became frightened and hid themselves. I-post ang Mga Komento Atom.

Educational Technology: Bicol Epic: The Ibalon

Moogs are treehouses where the ancient Bikols’ lived and ot anitos and idols. Then suddenly, there came a big flood caused by Unos, with terrifying earthquakes. Among other pursuits is the cultivation of upland and lowland crops, the construction of dwellings on tall trees, the creation of the first boat in the region, the making of utensils, tools, and wares, but most importantly, the invention of writing.


Yling, a bird reputed to talk, asks Cadugnung, a wise man, to sing of the ancient story of Handiong. After watching him for pf, Bantong slew the monster in two parts and brought the corpse to Libmanan where Handiong viewed the remains amidst the loud rejoicing of his people.

Instilled in our culture are the different images of bayani wherein each region of the country has their own interpretation of it that is evident in their epics. People were asking who will fight against Rabot.

Ibalon, a Bicolano epic, was assigned for us to present. Almost all bayanis are male They have supernatural strength They fight monsters They have lengthy expeditions They are revered by their townspeople Furthermore, I realized that some of these characteristic still apply to the modern definition of bayani that we have today. Three volcanoes, Hamtik, Kulasi, and Isarog, erupted simultaneously, and caused a strip of land, now known as Pasacao, to rise from the sea.

Bikol was a land of wide plains and fertile fields; anything planted in its soil yielded bountiful harvests. Igalon people planted rice and because of their high regard of him, they named this rice after him.

So Bantong, the third hero og called. It is also through this attitude of his that qualifies him to be a hero ialon of his social class, age, and gender. He was a good friend of Handyong.

He was ordered to kill the new monster in Ibalong. Characters of the story: It was at this time that the savage monkeys became frightened and hid themselves. Rivers changed their direction and the sea waves rolled high. This was a golden period in Ibalong.


To capture it, Handyong tried different ways. Nothing is mentioned about gods in the epic except perhaps in passing, Onosthe god of floodwaters.

Ibalong Epic – Wikipedia

He followed the beautiful voice and was almost enchanted by it in his pursuit. Presently, almost nothing is left of it but a few ridges around a shallowing crater.

The Great Handyong himself was shocked at ibalom sight.

The differences of the Ibalong from other Philippine epics may suggest culture differences of the Ancient Bikols from ibslon ancient groups. Diumano, masama man si Rabut, dapat ay binigyan ng pagkakataong magtanggol sa sarili nito.

He is believed to have become the water hyacinth in what is now Lake Bato.

Ibalon (English version of epic from Bicol) A long, long time ago

However, this did not hinder the growth of the community because jbalon classes respected each other. The old folks claim that the two islands with a slender strip of water between Samar and Sorsogon were the spirit of Mt. Then, the serpent helped the hero to conquer the monsters, thus restoring peace to the entire Ibalong.

In the epic, Tandayag was the boar slew by Baltog.