View and Download Ericsson Dialog Operator user manual online. BusinessPhone Communication Platform. Dialog Operator Telephone pdf manual. Welcome to the User Guide for the Dialog Operator /. Dialog in the BusinessPhone Communication Platform from. Ericsson. The BusinessPhone. Dialog Operators support advanced system functions that are required for operator configurations.

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Personal Number is activated. The terminal rings and the display shows that the call is rerouted and the reason for rerouting: Choice of language optional One of the following languages can be chosen to be used for the display information on your terminal.

Ericsson Dialog 4224 Phone

Mute To switch the microphone on or off. How this User Guide works The initial section of the User Guide introduces the equipment and familiarises you with the layout of the Dialog Operator. External Follow-me z When you extend a call to an internal extension that has activated an External Follow-me, i. The display will show the dialled number. Contact a qualified service agency when edicsson or repair work is required.

Key lamp flashes slowly when the feature is activated and fast when a predetermined time for a call put on hold is expired.

When the extension replaces the handset you are automatically connected to the caller. The ordering extension receives the external line with dial tone. Please ask your system administrator for the LCR code. Dialed extension is busy. Press to activate the Individual Diversion. All messages will be presented with senders name.


Ericsson Dialog Phone

If you cannot identify the connected party, your display shows the following information. To return to manual answering: Actions appear in an alternative bold typeface and the key diagram appears in the left hand margin opposite the text.

To switch the microphone on or off. If you press the meter key once again, the display switches to shows the number of metered pulses again. To put on hold using the Monitor loop key Xialog can also be put on hold using the Monitor loop key.

Change cables To remove a cable, push down the plug stop. A flashing lamp beside the key indicates an incoming call. Dialed number is vacant or the number is incomplete. Inform the caller that you will extend the call 42224 soon as the extension is free.

System dependent, the calling party can listen to the announcement. Voice connection with the left party.

Common Mailbox System Clear Press to terminate the call. Extending However, if your system is programmed that way, it might be possible to have several calls camped on to the same extension 1 – 9. Page 82 12 May This will also happen if you dial the Common Bell pick-up code and there are no calls waiting at the Common Bell extension.

Proceed to extend the call as normal. Clear right To disconnect the destination party and to clear the right side of the display centre row.


Dialog Operator – Refurbished Ericsson Telephones « Nortech Telecom

ericssoh Press to erase the note to the left of the cursor. Dial the next number and extend. Press to disconnect the call. Notices While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that the information in this document is complete More information. Table of contents User Guide Press to talk to both parties. Common Abbreviated Numbers Press see display. Press for internal calls, or press for Recall calls.

Page Trunk line The connection can be internal or external. However, if your system is programmed that way, it might be possible to have several calls camped on to the same extension Press and dial the extension number.

This text should then be hidden. Page 12 In idle mode or when ringing: If your exchange is not already programmed to automatically convert your entered digits into DTMF signals, you need to activate the function during the call. The circumstances for the use of the Speech keys are: When the last conversation is completed: Call Ordering On Line You can also program the LCR code on a function key.

Outgoing Calls Dial the code to get an external line and the number. Page 49 If the caller wishes to wait: If the extension answers: