Download or read online Ericsson Components Ericsson RBS RBS , Ericsson Components, dyson pg dlf nds pdf Accessories, The GSM Macro. Manuals and User Guides for Ericsson RBS We have 2 Ericsson RBS manuals available for free PDF download: Reference Manual, Hardware. View and Download Ericsson RBS reference manual online. RBS Accessories pdf manual download. Also for: Rbs

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Page 91 RBS cabinet is limited to three in this case. Channel Distribution Function A unit enters Remote mode when accepting a layer 2 link establishment on A-bis.

Unit Description, Bfu And Bfu Page Main dedicated signalling channel on the air interface, mainly used for call locating and establishment. Rbs Power System egicsson See Table on page By acknowledgement of such attempt, the link will become established refer to the Terrestrial Link Handling functionality. 21066 function is sometimes called cascading.


Page RX chain. Asynchronous Handover Detection Page RBS can be cascaded. ON has a higher priority than OFF. These inputs are accessed through the upper backplane connector. This has both heating and refrigeration.

This function is used to localize a detected fault to possible erlcsson RU. Either closing or breaking the sensor loop. Page HW supervision and SW handling. Page CRC-4 is used. The function is terminated when the layer 2 communication links on Abis interface concerning the SO has been released and stopped and Local mode has been entered.


Ericsson RBS 2106 Manuals

Page 99 Connection diagrams for various types of AC mains are given in: Dccu Four cables to the PSUs The plate prevents heavy objects from hitting against connectors that may be damaged otherwise. Packet Data Services Page The DXU is equipped with four transmission ports.

Indication, “Yellow Alarm” information in both directions.

The Physical information shall be repeated. Safe function during seismic exposure. Multiplexing of bursts into TDMA frames is performed according to: The DXU is equipped with four transmission ports. Sacch Info Modify The DF protects equipment inside the RBS from overvoltage and overcurrent which may occur in external lines.

Page TM supply 40 A No one has priority ericssom the parameteri. This provides heating, and cooling through forced convection. Physical Channel Handling RBS air channel system.

Page At least one timeslot on TCH must be enabled. Encryption Mode Change Max Cooling None of the transmitters has its maximum output power limited because of overtemperature handling. If the fault affects functionality and the RU is not in remote mode then the Operational Indicator on the Ericason will be switched off.

Don’t have an account? Speech And Data Services This function is valid for the outdoor cabinets only.


Page Cross Combination Indicator: An open circuit indicates that the fan speed is too low. That corresponds to bytes at a transmission speed of 64 kbps. The loss in the receiver path varies with the temperature. PA Figure 44 Cascade connections RBS can be cascaded; that is, time slots which are not used by one base station are sent forward – cascaded – to the next base station on the same BSC transmission line.

The door projects 50 mm in front of the cabinet. Battery Mode Indicator Page The fault is reported as External Condition Fault.

Orders can be placed through any local Ericsson company, or alternatively, on the Internet. A radio frequency carrier with its associated bandwidth.

Page Each channel is assigned a certain time division, a time slot. Page The reports uses the Real time of node for time stamps and the individual faults uses the Relative time of unit for their time stamps. This supervising function has low system priority and is performed as a background activity.