Euclea natalensis is a very variable, evergreen plant, ranging from a small shrub up to a moderately large tree with a spreading crown and a bole 20cm or more. Euclea natalensis is a hardy, evergreen, very attractive shrub or small to medium sized tree (depending on where in grow. The custom of cleaning teeth and the gums with a chewed root of the tree Euclea natalensis, in the belief that it benefits oral health, is practised in South Africa.

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The new growth in spring is very decorative with pale, gold-tinged, velvety hairy foliage emerging out of the dark green crown.

The species name natalensis means from Natal, now KwaZulu-Natal. Creative gardening with indigenous plants. Coastal ScrubHabitat: National Botanical Institute, Pretoria. The common name guarri is the phonetic spelling of its original Khoisan name, the original meaning unknown.

Euclea natalensis

It has many traditional, medicinal and magical uses. This species is wind tolerant, and drought tolerant when established. The strongly scented small, creamy white flowers are borne from August to March and are followed by round red to black fruit from March to December.


Full SunPosition: Transplant into individual pots after the first pair euclew true leaves has developed. What code is in the image? HedgeGarden Uses: Origins and meanings of names of South African plant genera.

It attracts birds and insects to the garden. Euclea natalensis is dioecious with male and female flowers borne on separate trees. Euclea is a small African genus of about 20 species, with 16 species in southern Africa.

They have a heavy, sweet scent. Roots are pounded and boiled and used to make a black dye.

Euclea natalensis

The lower surface is often covered with thick, velvety red hairs, the upper surface is occasionally also covered with hairs. The margins are thickened and often wavy.

ShrubPlant Type: Euclea natalensis twigs are used for toothbrushes. Small GardensHabitat: This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor natqlensis to prevent automated spam submissions. It is suited to many different types of gardens, including windy coastal gardens, well-watered subtropical gardens as well as bushveld and woodland gardens.


Toothbrushing with the root of Euclea natalensis.

Plants of southern Africa: It has a spread of m. In an exposed, windy, coastal site it will form a low, rounded, bushy, stunted tree, whereas in a protected, well-watered garden it can be expected to grow into a handsome medium-sized, spreading tree. The flowers are worked by bees. The leaves are hard natalensos leathery, dark green and shiny above and paler underneath.

Euclea natalensis – Wikipedia

Protect from frost when young. Euclea natalensis is a hardy, evergreen, very attractive shrub or small to medium sized tree depending on where in grows. Frost HardyPlant Type: It is also used for protective sprinkling charms. A South African guide.

Trees of Southern Africa. Natal guarri, Natal ebony, large-leaved guarri Eng.