Hijri ~ MUFASSIR-E-QUR’AN Hazrat Fakhr ad-Din ar-Razi [Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Umar ad-Din ar-Razi] ()Tafsir. Tafsir Surah Al-Baqarah, verses 1 to 39 from Tafsir Kabeer or Tafsir Mafaateehul Ghayb by Fakhruddin Al-Razi, died , describing in detail. Imam Razi Tafsir To download full version. In his exegesis of the Quranic story of Hazrat Imam Fakhruddin Razi Noah, RA writes.

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Retrieved from ” https: Imam Razi had written this exegesis up to Surah Al-Fath chapter 48 when he died. Views Read Edit View history.


It is so marvellously done and the style of Imam Razi has been so thoroughly maintained that anyone not aware of this fact would never suspect that this was written by someone other than Imam Razi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Cambridge history of Iran, Volume 4 Repr. His commentary on the Quran was the most-varied and many-sided of all extant works of the kind, comprising most of the material of importance that had previously appeared. He discussed more on the issue of the void — the empty spaces between fakhruedin and constellations in the universethat contain few or no stars — in greater detail in volume 5 of the Matalib.

List of sufis Notable early Fahkruddin modern Singers. In his later years, he also showed interest in mysticismthough this never formed a significant part of his thought. Some people have passed a funny remark on this exegesis such as is written in Al-Itqan, “In it, there is everything except exegesis,” But, in the opinion of Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmaniif this comment applies to any Tafsir, it describes Tafsir al-Tawahir by Tantawi.

However, certain things must be kept in mind in connection with this exegesis: Commonly people get upset by its lengthy discussions, the exegesis of Surah Fatihah alone has covered pages. One of his “major concerns was the self-sufficiency of the intellect. New International Encyclopedia 1st ed. Notable early Notable modern Singers.


Tafseer Al Fakhr Al Razi [Tafseer Al Kabeer] (Arabic)

This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat Views Read Edit View history. In other exegeses these discussions are generally scattered or disorganised, due to which it becomes time consuming.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. He considered, for the most part, the philosophers’ argument tqfsir the world’s eternity stronger than the theologians’ position of putting emphasis on the temporal nature of the world. In short, Tafseer Al-Kabeer is a very concise exegesis and the personal experience of Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani is that whenever [he has] found a difficulty, it has guided [him] to the right answer.

Any interpolations introduced by the erring sects and intellectuals in the meaning of any Ayat has been described in full and then refuted with detailed arguments.

The most important instance showing the synthesis of Razi’s thought may be the problem of the eternity of the world and its relation to God. The arguments of the philosophers dala’il rzzi for establishing that the world is one are weak, flimsy arguments founded upon feeble premises.

For instance, he has rejected the authentic tradition: This article is about the theologian and philosopher. However, certain things must be kept in mind in connection with this exegesis:. One of [his] major concerns was the self-sufficiency of the intellect. For other uses, see Razi faknruddin. He tried to reorganize the tarsir of theologians and philosophers on this subject, collected and critically examined the arguments of both sides.

In this way it contains in it strong refutation of all the erring sects of his time, namely, Jahmiyyah, Mu’tazilah, Mujassimah, Ibahiyyah fakhruddni. Sunni tafsir Tafsir works Islamic studies book stubs. Philosophy in the Islamic World: Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. List of tafsir works. Qur’anic injunctions and their mysteries and expediences have been very beautifully highlighted.


It is not unusual for contemporary works to use it as a reference. For the physician and alchemist, see Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi.

It is established by evidence that there exists beyond the world a void without a terminal limit khala’ la nihayata lahaand it is established as well by evidence that God Most High has power over all contingent beings al-mumkinat. And the saying that it has everything but Tafseer is meant only to lower its exalted status, and is perhaps uttered by a person who was overwhelmed by narrations and paid no attention to the depth of knowledge of the Qur’an. Schools Sunni Ash’ari Maturidi Traditionalism.

Just as Tafsir Ibn Kathir is the most concise and matchless exegesis from a narrative point of view so also there is no parallel to Tafsir Kabir in relation to sciences of Reason. Such statements should be clarified or removed.

This page was last edited on 11 Juneat Priceless gems of knowledge and understanding may be received from it. Thus, the number of sayings in explanation of a particular Ayat are reproduced together and easily observed. This work contains much of philosophical interest. It is another matter that sometimes he could not present a solution to the difficulties as could satisfy the soul. Hence, where he has differed from the accepted view, the established view should be adopted. Occasionally Imam Razi has adopted a view different from that of other commentators.