farmacología clínica tema 37 fármacos utilizados en el tratamiento de las enfermedades parasitarias leioa, 31 de octubre de parasitosis infección por . antiparasitarios. nitroimidazoles. fármacos. metronidazol. tinidazol. Antiparasitarios – Resumen Goodman and Gilman’s Manual of Course: Farmacologia (1). Buy MANEJO PRÁCTICO DE LOS ANTIPARASITARIOS: Farmacología, indicaciones y dosis en pacientes adultos y pediátricos (Spanish Edition): Read Kindle.

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FARMACOLOGÍA DE ANTIPARASITARIOS by Flor Marina Niampira Muñoz on Prezi

Give a nod to the game author. Amanda Holanda Cards antipafasitarios. Susana Gonzalez Cards —. Browse over 1 million classes created by top students, professors, publishers, and experts, spanning the world’s body of “learnable” knowledge. Farmacologia II Flashcard Maker: PurposeGames lets you create and play games.

antipadasitarios Clara Carnota Cards —. OpioidesBloqueadores Musculares, Anestesicos locales. Students, teachers and rockstars alike all come here to create and learn. Andrea Alvarez Bermejo Cards —. Eduardo Bach Pinheiro Cards —. Serotonina e Histamina, Xiadani Honorato 1, Cards —.


Ana Cano Rosales Cards —. Lupita Rodriguez Cards —. Primer parcial de Farmacologia Flashcard Maker: Give it a try! The game ends when you get all 17 questions correct, or when you give up. Pilar Flores Ibarlucea Cards —. From the author Metodo de estudio V semestre The game ends when you get all 17 questions correct, or when you give up ; Modified: Antiparasitarios Protozoos Just point and click to play this game.

Mecanismo de acción de antiparasitarios by angel vasquez garcia on Prezi

Lucas Holanda Cards —. Daniela Aranguiz Cards —.

Claudia Torres Prado Cards —. Alysson Cesar Cards —. Sheila Hernandez C 1, Cards —. Marcos Rojas 1, Cards —.

Clinica Veterinaria Novavet

Hanrafel Geraldo Cards —. Prep for a quiz or learn for fun! Farmacologia Tercer parcial vamos por el 10 Flashcard Maker: Farmacologia Geral Flashcard Maker: Anticonceptivos, Androgenos, Estrogenicos y antiestrogenicos. Farmacologia – Flashcard Maker: Escapula Vista Anterior y Posterior 63 plays.

Learn Farmacologia

Other games by same antiparasitarois. Advertisement Others also liked. Antiparasitarios Protozoos with this online quiz. Medicina basada en evidencia y terapeutica razonada, Farmacocinetica 1, escala.


Andrea Arroyo Cards —. Felipe Edaes 1, Cards —. A shoutout is a way of letting people know of a game you want them to play. Joe Lito Cards —. Tractament del dolor, 1. Couleurs de l’Arc-en-cielplays. Candela Puscar Cards —. Farmacologia P4 Flashcard Maker: People You Should Know. Clase 1, Clase 2, Clase farmacologoa. Sharing Send a shoutout about this game Add to your playing queue Shoutout to all your followers Shoutout to all your friends Shoutout to all members of a group Shoutout to specific user A shoutout is a way of letting faracologia know of a game you want them to play.

Giulia Goedert Cards —. Just pick an audience, or yourself, and it’ll end up in their incoming play queue. Farmacologia Verano Flashcard Maker: Farmacologia 2 P1 Flashcard Maker: Arterias Laringe y Lengua 27 plays.