Cairngorm is a lightweight micro-architecture framework for Rich Internet Applications built in Flex or AIR, defining best-practices for a RIA. Instead of adding/mapping commands in AppController ‘s constructor. Declare it in initialize() function. Example is given below for your reference. public class. Cairngorm is based on Model View Controller (MVC) framework, specifically designed to facilitate complex state and data synchronization.

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At the time of this writing, there are about a dozen Flex frameworks from which you can choose to help you organize your Flex project.

Asad 1, 13 The Front Controller object serves as a central registry of all Cairngorm events. Please look around if you live in a cage J. Object-oriented programming languages arrange event-driven communication between the objects by implementing the Observer design pattern. The Model tier is represented by the class ModelLocatorwhich stores the application-specific data these are often collections of value objectsa. Sign up using Email and Password. At this point, software developers familiar with Java Spring framework should feel at home.

It defines remoteobject in this example. The method handleNotification will process notifications when they arrive. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Start Free Trial No credit card required. The problem with this approach is in the global nature of such an event handler.

How did it happen? All CSS related changes of the application and the module could be kept in a single. Mate-based applications are built using implicit invocation caused by dispatching and dependency injection of the results into views. This post explains how you pass parameters to a Cairngorm command at runtime, via a Cairngorm Event. The architectural framework Cairngorm was created by Alistair McLeod and Steven Webster while they were working at the company iteration:: The fact that Cairngorm is built around a Command pattern with a centrally located command repository can be very convenient for some projects that require audit or undo functionality.

This project will contain both Flex and Java code. The fact that Cairngorm is built around a Command pattern with a centrally located command repository can be very convenient for some projects that require audit or undo functionality.


It also implements the interface IResponderwhich requires you to add the result and fault methods. Two years later, we decided to document these tools so that other Flex developers could also benefit from them. Notify me of new comments via email. You can also find some brief reviews and recommendations of third-party libraries and tools that flx make your Flex ecosystem more productive.

Introducing Cairngorm

The application retrieves data from Employee. DataCollection ; [Bindable] private var log: In this chapter, you will learn how to build the same application using several frameworks or component libraries used by Flex developers.

ModelLocator The Command class updates the data in the model typically, a collection of value objects defined in the global ModelLocator.

FrontController allows you to map only one command per event, yet your application may need cairngormm have fairngorm event listeners per command. The benefits are obvious: In this case, the parser could have injected the data directly to the View without even performing this loop converting XML into an array. This model locator stores the data and the state of this application—in particular, the variable employeeListDPwhich is the place where the list of employees is being stored.

If you are a development manager starting a Flex project with a team that has at least one senior Flex architect, using Clear Toolkit is the productive way to go. Even in a midsize application this can flwx to a hundred or more additional Cairngorm-specific classes. It automates creation of Ant build scripts. A fragment of EmployeeProxy. ServiceLocator can be used not only as a repository of all services, but also as an authorization mechanism that restricts access to certain application services fled on specified credentials.

Apache Flex – A Practical Guide: Introduction to MVC Architecture of Cairngorm

The Command class updates the data in the model typically, a collection of value objects defined in the global ModelLocator. Cairngorm has been around longer than any other Flex framework.

Of course we are biased—we created Clear Toolkit to help us develop the types of applications we work on with our business clients, and it serves us well. If your project will start growing, the ModelLocator may not scale well. Regardless of what framework you are going to use, separating various application components in project subfolders helps make the project more organized. One of the main Flex selling points is its MXML-to-ActionScript code generator, which spares application developers from manually writing lots of code.


May be the case in some project settings? It allows separate responsibilities of developers. The ModelViewControllerand Facade classes are singletons. While there are a lot of sources available online that demonstrate building flex applications using Cairngorm Architecture, not many serve the cause if you intend to develop Modular Flex Applications using Cairngorm Architecture. Flex has extendable components and events, and when you work in a team of developers, each of them may have a different understanding of how custom components should find and communicate with each other, how to properly organize the project, and how to make a team work more productively.

I will soon be posting a blog on modular interaction using SWC gateway interfaces. The Flex framework already supports the MVC pattern by separating the View the List control and the data that can be stored in a nonvisual data provider such as ArrayCollection.

Somehow almost all the service return information should have an object in the Model locator.

Email required Address never made public. Service Locator defines the interface to communicate with datasource Httpservice, Webservice,Remoteobject.

Cairngorm Framework for Flex Developers

An advanced logger Eclipse plug-in that is built on top of the Flex logging Cairngorrm but automates and make the logging process more flexible and user-friendly. It declares the variable facadewhich holds the reference to the ApplicationFacade singleton that is created during initializing the value of this variable. At the time of this writing, the latest version of CDB is 3.