Frederik Stjernfelt of University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen with expertise in: Philosophy of Science, Epistemology and Logic. Read 33 publications, and. mar Frederik Stjernfelt Stjernfelt, F., , Image and Imaging in Philosophy, Science and the Arts vol. Stjernfelt, F., Feb , In: Monist. 95, 1. 77, Categorical perception as a general prerequisite to the formation of signs? On the biological range of a deep semiotic problem in Hjelmslev’s as well .

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Ahti Pietarinen Professor of Philosophy Verified email at ttu. Arab Political Thought and Practice Since On operational and optimal iconicity in Peirce’s diagrammatology F Stjernfelt Semiotica, Back Print Share To top.

Minds, bodies and matter, Biosemiotics as expressed in 22 basic hypotheses F Stjernfelt Sign Systems Studies frederkk 1, stjernfely Categorical perception as a general prerequisite to the formation of signs?

Paul Cobley Middlesex University Verified email at mdx. International Conference on Conceptual Structures, In this brilliant book, Jens-Martin Eriksen and Frederik Stjernfelt, well known for their studies of Bosnia and Serbia, explore from both an empirical and a theoretical point of view what happens when culture becomes a political ideology.


Don’t miss a single issue. Articles 1—20 Show more. Contacts Details International relations office Media.

This lecture outlines its roots in Early 17C Enlightenment in order to discuss recent problems such as the new religious pressure against Free Speech and the increasing domination of the public sphere by strong players such as Google and Facebook.

Journal for general philosophy of science 28 1, Or is it the right of cultures and religions to be protected from insult and to preserve themselves against change?

Vilnius Academy of Arts.

New citations to this author. Verified email at hum. It provides a thorough, systematic survey and analysis of contemporary versions and trends within multiculturalism, discloses its origins, and looks at its place in current politics, philosophy, and religion.

A central, defining feature of modern democratic societies is Freedom of Expression.

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This has overlooked that, in modern democracies, many conceptions stjernfeot human beings are active and compete against each other. Open lectures and discussions in English. Get my own profile Cited by View all All Since Citations h-index 20 14 iindex 39 A book not to be missed by anybody interested in the state of the world.

Peirce’s theory of propositions covers a much wider range than the ordinary focus upon assertions linguistically expressed. That means, not to be missed by anybody.


Transactions of the Charles S. Jens-Martin Eriksen and Frederik Stjernfelt examine the ideology and the reality of multiculturalism, including the Muhammad cartoons, laws against blasphemy, hijabthe Islamic ban on apostasy, and the limits of the freedom of religion.

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Jens-Martin Eriksen is a Danish writer based in Geneva who has won several literary awards including the lifelong Grant of Honor from the Danish Endowment for sfjernfelt Arts. New articles related to this author’s research. Conceptual schemata and cognitive srjernfelt involved in compound constructions PF Bundgaard, S Ostergaard, F Stjernfelt Semiotica, Life is the Action of Signs, Title Cited by Year Diagrammatology: During recent decades, much debate has circled around Homo Economicus, the supposedly economically rational individual able to list its preferences and calculate activity thereafter.

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