Manufacturer description: The HS50 EXR features a 42x mm (equiv.) optical zoom lens and a new EXR CMOS II sensor. : Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR 16MP Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD ( Black) (OLD MODEL): Point And Shoot Digital Cameras: Camera & Photo. Model name. FinePix HS50EXR. Number of effective pixels *1. million pixels . Image sensor. 1/2-inch EXR CMOS II with primary color filter. Storage media.

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An unfortunate consequence of the new flip-out LCD screen is the removal of the handy vertical column of five small buttons on the HS30EXR, which have essentially been replaced by the Quick menu. Forward Looking Stories Fujifilm innovation has always driven the company forward.

It also has a Super Macro function, for getting as close as 1cm to the subject. Fujifilm Holdings Corporation Investor Relations. See price on Amazon. The EVF also has its own dioptric correction wheel to its immediate left, which is far less stiff and physically larger than found on competing models, meaning that for the myopic adjustment can be made in a faction of a second. First negative experience with Z 6 autofocus. There are metal eyelets on either side of the body for attaching the provided shoulder strap.

The final panorama is of relatively low resolution, and if you do the sweeping too slowly, or you let go of the shutter release button too early, the panorama will be truncated. Finally, people and indeed anything that moves in the frame are recorded as several ghost outlines, which means that you can really only record static, empty scenes, something that Sony have solved in the latest iteration of their Sweep Panorama feature.

This incredibly versatile lens offers a focal range starting at an ultra-wide 24mm and finishing at an ultra-telephoto mm, which, as Fujifilm cannily point out, would take at least two super-zoom DSLR lenses to offer similar reach.


Fujifilm HS50 EXR Review and Specs

Worst Fumi of Award. The base of the Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR features a screw thread for a tripod, sadly made of plastic and not in line with the lens barrel, and a sliding door hiding the compartment for the Lithium-ion battery.

The H option shoots at 11fps at full resolution, but only for 5 frames, while the M and L options shoot at 6fps and 3fps, again only for a maximum of 5 full resolution frames. Latest Reviews Popular Reviews. Technologies A technology company, Fujifilm is engaged in a wide variety of endeavors.

All you need to decide is whether you would like to start from left or right, top or bottom, then press and hold down the shutter release while doing a “sweep” with the camera in hand.

This provides fjui access to lots of frequently used shooting settings including the ISO speed, White Balance, File Size and File Quality, with the 4-way controller and command dial used to quickly change them. Designed with enthusiasts rather than beginners in mind, the Fuji HS50 EXR not only boasts full manual control, but also the ability to record files in raw format. At around shots battery life is very respectable thanks to the adoption of a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

There’s a choice between shooting at full 16 megapixel resolution in High Resolution HR mode, or an 8 megapixel image in the Low Noise SN mode for shooting without flash in low light conditions, or the Dynamic Hs550 DR mode to achieve an optimal balance between shadows and highlights. Although far from infallible – if you’re not paying close attention and it’s h50 with a busy scene it will call cuji landscape when macro is needed and vice versa — it instantly makes the HS50EXR more beginner friendly, instantly recognising 10 basic scenes and then applying one of the three other EXR modes too.


FinePix HS50EXR (Discontinued Model) | Fujifilm Global

Fujifilm’s EXR sensor can be utilized in one of three ways by the photographer. Once the burst is completed, it takes just over two seconds for the camera to clear the buffer, during which you cannot take another picture.

Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited. sh50

The HS50EXR’s LCD screen is now a vari-angle model that can be flipped-out to the side and tilted through degrees, giving you a lot of flexibility in composing your shots, a big improvement on the more limited movement offered by the HS30EXR’s screen. Therefore a lot of the comments that we made about that model apply equally to the HS50, which looks, feels and handles very much like a mid-range DSLR. Against Small sensor Image smoothing No touchscreen.

FinePix HS50EXR

The same dial is also used to change the aperture and shutter speed when using the more advanced shooting modes.

You can also manually focus during movie shooting. Otherwise the exposure compensation button works largely as you’d expect, with a visual slider graph on screen accompanied by a live histogram. There’s also a range of digital filters, found in the Advanced mode of the camera and including Partial Colour and Toy Camera.

This gives photographers more flexibility when they want to make changes in post-production, and is relatively unusual for bridge cameras. Where do you keep your photography equipment? Sound isn’t recorded at all, horizontal bands can appear as the lighting fluctuates, and the actual sizes of the recorded movies are pretty small. Exposure compensation is available before you start the sweep, with the exposure fixed once you depress the shutter button.