Using FxCop: A Short Tutorial. This section describes how to get up and running quickly with FxCop. While this is not the main focus of this. In this article I will discuss the integrated static code analysis tool (FxCop), introduced with Visual Studio Visual Studio code analysis. It has an graphical user interface () for interactive work, and a command-line tool () suited for use as part of.

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The External Tools configuration dialog box is displayed. Selecting a resource, assembly, type or member of a type shows the following information in the property pane: If any issues are found in code analysis then those will be added in the right side pane of “FxCop”.

Create Custom FxCop Rules

In this post we will discuss how to resolve error: These are all the errors and warnings FxCop has found with the last analysis performed. These analyzers check your code for security, performance, and design issues, among others.

I got this error while trying to enable developer dashboard using PowerShell command. Good intro to Getting FX cop to work.

How to Use the Visual Studio Code Analysis Tool FxCop

You right click on the message and select Exclude vxcop the popup menu. FxCop, an abbreviation “Framework Police,” is a rules-based engine that checks managed code assemblies for Microsoft’s. I fxclp it good practice to add some notes to the message after it has been moved to the Absent list.

I have tried with all possible project settings and all but My vote of 5 AntonioLopes Feb Enterprise Issues For Developers. Some of the products that appear on this site are from companies from which QuinStreet receives compensation. By Default, display four columns in that list: Double clicking on the error list will redirect you fxcol the specific line where violation occurred.


It is basically meant for class library projects and if you have followed the standards provided here http: Vineel Kovvuri Jun 9: NET Framework design guidelines and custom guidelines. It provides hundreds of rules that perform various types of analysis. You tutorual right click on the message and select “Mark as Absent” from the popup menu or you just run another analysis and FxCop detects that the issue has been resolved and moves it to the Absent list for you.

How to Use FxCop – CodeProject

Thanks for your registration, follow us on our social networks to keep up-to-date. Item — The target item, whether this is the assembly, type or a type member, which generated the message. You can open all these rules from the code analysis tab under project properties.

NET Framework Right click on the rules list displays a popup menu which helps to group the rules in three categories: My vote of 5 Renju Vinod Jan Saving your FxCop project only saves active and excluded messages but not the Absent ones. Example of Code Analysis Violations and Fixes To demonstrate code analysis violations I have created a MVC test application using visual studio applied “Microsoft All Rules” from code analysis tab under project properties and configured my project file to show code violation warnings as errors.


Only Content controls are allowed directly in a content page that contains Content controls in sharepoint page layout.

Code analysis violation results are shown as warnings when you compile your application or run code analysis from the analyze menu. There are no open issues. After running code analysis on my test MVC application I found few code violation errors.

Now execute the fxcpp 2 and it won’t ask the another dll which is referenced in ProjectA.

Java walkin for 2 to 8 yrs experience professional Rule — The name of the rule which generated the message. And If you click on a particular error message it will show you the details as shown below figure.

Create a directory named “FxCop” on “D: To fix this code violation warning I have changed the type of returnUrl parameter from string to System. Selecting the top node in the Targets or Rule tab shows again all messages. Click on the menu “File Save Report As” and provide a name and location for the report. Once it is done, click on Analyze button and your screen will look like below: Sign up tutoial e-mail newsletters from DevX.

Sponsored Research Editorial Research. You can download it from CodePlex: Works with any managed assembly created in. This is dxcop recursive process. Hi, Thanks for bringing this point as it help other user.