‘Galaktika has agreed to pay each author whose work it infringed for the publisher of Galaktika, a Hungarian science fiction magazine. Phone, Suggest a phone number Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS Magazine, Brussels, Belgium. 2 likes. Posts about Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS Magazine. Phone, Suggest a phone number Galaktika. likes. Galaktika was a science fiction magazine of Hungary, published between and The peak of copies was very high.

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Waldroon summarizes his emotions concerning the issue in the following way: After being contacted, the agencies, estates and publishers of several high-profile authors, including Terry Pratchett, George RR Martin, Robert Heinlein, Kim Stanley Robinson and Connie Willis told Mandiner that they had not given permission for the reprinting of their works.

This has been going on since We contacted Doctorow and the literary agent of the recently deceased Pratchett: The cover of the Galaktika magazine for March caused turmoil at Moly a Hungarian online book database at the beginning of March.

Retrieved 6 August Germany is Full — Merkel’s Downfall. Both Ray Cluley and Steve Rasnic Tem informed us that since our last email they were paid and got contributor’s copies as well.

We skipped the March edition because the magazine was celebrating its th edition by publishing writings from respected Hungarian authors. The interview with them was concluded and will be available to read soon; the letter of response to this article from Istvan Burger is available at the end of this piece.

Sadly, one cannot eat exposure, or pay rent with it. When we last contacted the agency representing the Anderson estate and fifteen other affected authorsthey claimed that negotiations were underway with the publisher – more on that at the end of the article.

This has been going on for a while During our investigation we contacted multiple papers, publishers, literary agents, and authors. Turning back refugee boats saves lives. The peak of 94, copies was very high compared to the population of Hungary [pop. The most moderate mxgazine that can be given is a caution.

This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. This article is the translated version of the original Hungarian one. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Thasaidon Zothique Joe R. There is an active market for its old, rare issues. If we are not going in the direction of federalism, but in galsktika direction of nation-states, it is not certain that the whole thing will fall apart.


Michael writes across the speculative fiction world, from urban fantasy Geekomancyto fantasy superhero novel Shield and Crocus, and the SF series in novellas, Genrenauts. Dick or Tanith Lee informed.

Waldron has the following to say about the incident: Diana Pinto Project Syndicate. The numbering started with 1 in the summer of with 38, copies on ,agazine pages. Galaktika magazine has been publishing SF stories since its creation in by Peter Kuczka, who continued to manage the magazine until Sawyer, Theodore Sturgeon, and Jane Yolen were all reprinted without permission. Despite this, there were many cases where no permission was given, and this includes the following authors: The selections of the magazine contained “thematic”, “national” and “mixed” issues; the first type concentrated on a magzzine theme of stories and the second selected from the literature magasine a specific country.

Some of the issues have also contained black-and-white versions of comic books such as Conan The Barbarian and The Adventures of Funky Koval.

Sci-fi writers blast Hungarian magazine for translating stories without consent

John Langan The Black Aether. We are allowing in — indeed transporting in — hundreds of thousands of people in an unregulated manner from regions in which the European Union is at war. Those uninformed were Greg Mellor, the Italian writer Luigi Brasili, and Robert Reed, who had previously become infuriated with the magazine. The walls are going up all over Europe.

More on copywright law at the end of the article. The Authors Guild will keep an eye on Metropolis Media to ensure that it abides by the terms of the agreement and fairly treats authors whose works they have used and will use in the future.

This is not over yet It would be a problem even if the illegal publishing of a work occurred in a single instance; however, it seems that it is a regular practice for the Galaktika magazine with a HUF price tag to publish stories found free online and translated without any sort of consent.


It would be a problem even if the illegal publishing of a work occurred in a single instance; however, it seems that it is a regular practice for the Galaktika magazine with a HUF price tag to publish stories found free online and translated without any sort of consent.

This story is full of bits of American history that are very obscure even to most Americans. This practice stops today. The Authors Galakktika has served as the collective voice of American authors since its beginnings in Clarke reprinted by Galaktika.

You can read more about the authors affected in here. We usually pay USD for a story. For at least half a century, the U.

Galaktika Magazine on Behance

Chandrasekra also mentioned that it is not unusual that works are published without royalties payed, but that this is more common in fanzines, but even fanzines publish only after consent from the author.

However the following authors were not as fortunate as these two: However, before continuing this article, a brief introduction to the magazine is required. This article needs additional citations for verification. They informed us that one of the foreign agencies with which they are in contact with are close to an agreement to settle the issue of the illegal reprinting of works from 16 different authors, including Galaktila Anderson, George R.

We notice you are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer.

It also confirmed galaktjka commitment to seek permission before publishing copyrighted works in the future and to remove all infringing magaine from their online media. However, the response given by Mr. The like of this has never happened before. Lily Yu, who submitted a work in was more fortunate, because after it was published in — without informing her — she received a contributor’s copy and a promise of royalty, which would later only remain a promise.