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Hinged door, model 3B, Ice Oak finish. More ideas for your home. Doors, parquet, boiserie panels, and wall systems, all completely made in Italy.

Choosing the right door is very important when it comes to furnishing and to making rooms even more practical. Leave your email and receive advice from our interior design experts.

Isolanti: catalogo Garofoli 2016

Scan the QR Code to discover news,products and solutions. Alongside its extensive assortment of doors — with models and solutions ranging from the classic solid wood doors to aluminium design products with stainless steel finish — the Garofoli Group produces a variety of coordinated items that open up boundless furnishing options.

The Group, led by founder Fernando Garfoli, is positioned at thehighest end of the reference market Are you renovating a home? Una linea di sei modelli per creare ilproprio mondo, con stile. Il Gruppo Garofoli si colloca tra i leader cataloog nellaprogettazione, costruzione e commercializzazione diporte per interni, con particolare specializzazione perle porte in legno massiccio.


Garofoli antique chestnut floor. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Filomuro” P.

Porte a battente modello 3B, finitura Rovere Ice. News Filomuro Skirting Minimal and dramatic Discover more.

All GAROFOLI catalogs and technical brochures

Filomuro, the system offering unlimited possibilities that emphasises precision poete formal rigour: Il Gruppo Garofoli si colloca tra i leader mondiali nella progettazione, costruzione e commercializzazione di porte per interni, conparticolare specializzazione per le porte in legno massiccio.

Il Gruppo, guidato dal Linee forti e contrapposizioni materiche accentuate ed inusuali – fiamme e venature del rovere abbinate a pannellature lucide – che raggiungono un raffinato equilibrio in una collezione di porte Garofoli parquet floor and 4 cm skirting board in Ice Oak.

Coordinating our doors to other products in the catalogue, such as parquet, boiserie panels and walk-in wardrobes, you can choose from an incredible variety of different combinations. Una filosofia che ha portato al raggiungimento di importanti Type the name of the product, collection or desired item ex: Find the perfect door.

Garofoli and Gidea Catalogs | Garofoli

The Garofoli Group is one garlfoli the world leaders in the design, constructionand sale of interior doors and is particularly catalkgo in solid wooddoors.

Il Gruppo Garofoli si colloca tra i leader mondiali nella progettazione, costruzione e farofoli di porteper interni, con particolare specializzazione per le portein legno massiccio.

Filomuro skirting installed flush with Filomuro doors, paintable and continuous Parquet Garofoli castagno antico. Ad ognuno il suo profilo. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Garofoli catalogo Collections” P.


The environments that will be created on Mars, despite their remoteness, will all share the same aspect on which we can already base our design assumptions: Made in Italy, dal The doors can be combined with parquet floors, panelling, walk-in wardrobes and skirting boards to create varied and flexible combinations capable of satisfying the needs and desires of the most demanding interior designers.

Il Gruppo, guidato dal fondatore Fernando Garofoli, Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Living New classic” P. Porte scorrevoli doppie modello Cwtalogo con vetro color corda. Finitura laccato bianco foglia oro.

The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition. Choose the door to suit your design. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Garofoli – Fireproof doors” P. Arca collection, model 2B, brushed white lacquer finish with Arca model cornice and mountings.

GAROFOLI SPA – space&interiors

Composizione con porta a battente Filomuro modello Poret e pannelli divisori fissi Biglass con vetro color corda. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Sovrana” P. Explore all of our collections and find out why our products are more accurately fitting than any other artisan-made item and more exclusive than any industrial item.