Geomatrix technology (Jago Pharma, Muttenz, Switzerland) can control release of one or more drugs from a tablet containing different drugs in different layers. Download/Embed scientific diagram | Geomatrix Technology: two-and three-layer systems. from publication: Development of Controlled Release Three-layered. Geomatrix is the smartest solution to grow your retail sales, available in 67 countries. We integrate best official data and technologies in a single platform.

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The tablets were prepared using a unique designed punch set. The bilayered tablet consisted of a core tablet where one surface was covered with either Cellulose Acetate Phthalate CAP or Methocel E50LV, while both surfaces of the core tablet were covered with both of the tchnology to form the triple-layered tablets [ 40 ].

Article | Geomatrix Technology: A Short Review | Inventi Journals

Two drugs may also be incorporated into technologj delivery system for variable release profiles. Novel drug delivery devices for providing linear release profiles fabricated by 3DP.

Determination of continuous changes in the gel layer thickness of poly ethylene oxide and HPMC tablets undergoing hydration: A study by Siahi and co-workers investigated the development of triple-layered tablets for the delivery of verapamil hydrochloride in a controlled manner. A study using texture analysis. Systems such as multilayered tablets and other geometrically altered geomatrux have been created to perform this function.

Preparation of monolithic osmotic pump system by coating the indented core tablet.

Generally, a multilayered system should initially swell, then gel and ultimately slowly erode [ 472 ]. The tablets consisted of three layers that were prepared by compressing polymers which were either natural or semi-synthetic onto the sides of the drug core.

Results showed that the tablet was capable of delivering the drug constantly over 24 hours and was not dependent on the agitation or release medium [ 93 ]. The core tdchnology enclosed between two rapidly erodible outer layers.

A chronotherapy focused-real time oral drug delivery. This bilayered system design may thus be valuable for future application in the successful treatment of hypertension. A bilayered tablet for the delivery of propranolol hydrochloride was developed by Patra and co-workers.

Oral Drug Delivery Systems Comprising Altered Geometric Configurations for Controlled Drug Delivery

The modules were compared to flat base matrices in terms of drug release behavior. It was concluded that the donut-shaped PEO tablets with an aperture were capable of providing zero-order drug release as the effect of surface area on release kinetics is reduced.


Novel Drug Delivery System. Oral modified-release formulations in motion: Formulation, evaluation, and comparison of bilayered and multilayered mucoadhesive buccal devices of propranolol hydrochloride.

Geomatrix Technology- A Short Review. Thus, as amount of drug in the core is depleted the rate of release is increased due to the greater surface area, consequent to swelling. A simple equation for the description of solute release: By manipulating the grade, quantity and exposed surface area teomatrix any hydrophilic polymer or mixture of polymers that erode constantly over time, the core-in-cup compressed tablet is able to deliver a constant amount of drug over time [ 99 ].

Controlled-release carbamazepine matrix granules and tablets comprising lipophilic and hydrophilic components. One tablet layer comprises a degradable barrier, and the other layer contains the active in a hydrophilic matrix.

It was due to this reason that Kim, decided to undertake a study on coated donut-shaped tablets for parabolic and linear drug release.

Oral Drug Delivery Systems Comprising Altered Geometric Configurations for Controlled Drug Delivery

Disc-shaped core compression coated on one surface and circumference to form a cup around it. The swollen barrier layers undergo erosion as time goes on, thus increasing the surface area which ultimately allows more drug to be released. An approach to oral controlled drug delivery via gastric retention.

Hydrophilic absorbable copolyester exhibiting zero-order drug release. Theophylline was the model drug while PEO polymers of various molecular weights were employed as drug carriers. Support Center Support Center. We help clients develop and deliver best-of-breed technology solutions that empower organizations to reach their business goals.


A modified tablet punch was used to prepare the tablets whereby the punch formed an indentation in the centre of the drug surface layer. I—A study of the swelling properties of coated tablet. Principally, it is a new clinically oral drug delivery technology which allows, with a high degree of precision, the timed delivery of technologgy that employs a press-coating technique.

Geomatrix technology is a new drug delivery device geomstrix the form of a multi-layer tablet proposed for constant drug release and was developed at University of Pavia, Gwomatrix. Chidambaram and co-workers established that drug release from the surfaces of the core was dependent on the thickness of the hydrophilic barrier layers [ 65 ].


This poses disadvantages such as minimal therapeutic efficacy due to reduced drug levels; or drug toxicity which can occur at high concentrations [ 14 ]. HPMC, acacia and tragacanth were used as drug release delaying layers encompassing the core. The proposed mechanism for the zero-order drug release from the first type of matrix was that as the hydrophilic barriers swelled and eroded, the rate of diffusion of drug from the hydrophobic middle layer decreased [ 6577 ].

Longxiao and co-workers also prepared a bilayer technolofy pump tablet using the indented core strategy. The semipermeable membrane was essentially permeable to the dissolution environment and impermeable to the therapeutic agent in the core. Design and evaluation of layered diffusional tecchnology for zero-order sustained-release.

The indented core was coated using EC as a semipermeable membrane coating and polyethylene glycol PEG as a plasticizer together with sodium chloride as an osmotic agent, controlled membrane permeability. Geokatrix expressed that multilayered tablets have demonstrated promise, possessing various benefits, namely the ability to prevent interactions between drugs and excipients; and by providing an array of release profiles in one delivery system of either the same or different drugs, treatment for conditions that require a regimen geomatrjx more than one drug, immediate drug release using a disintegrating monolithic matrix in order to achieve an initial peak in plasma drug level, delayed drug release using an eroding monolithic matrix which may deliver another active drug to a different part of the gastrointestinal tract, providing controlled gelmatrix release instituting a swellable monolithic matrix and better control and regulation of release profiles by retarding initial burst release and achieving zero-order technoolgy [ 64 ].

Geolock TM tablet is composed of an active drug core middle layer that is surrounded by two outer protective layers Figure 7.